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Dragonball Z - Goku's Spaceship
When Goku heads off for Namek. He is flying in a space ship. Bulma's dad says that there are parts in that space ship that were taken from the space ship in which Goku first landed on earth when he was a baby. In the episode: The end of Snake Way, Piccolo destroys that ship with his 'Special Beam Cannon' to bring Gohan back to human shape. The ship was completely destroyed. So, I wonder where on earth Bulma's dad got those parts from.
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Special Requirements: Both Saiyan and Namek saga
Contributed By: Namekian on 02-06-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pyro writes:
But wouldn't there be pieces of it still lying around?
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You Fools writes:
Most likely Raditz's ship was used, and no it was not destroyed, only the hatch was blown off by Gohan. Most likely, the engine and propulsion systems where still intact...a genius like Dr.Brief could have no problem using them.
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manics1 writes:
This is a mistake by FUNimation, the company who produces the english dub of DBZ. Goku's ship was made from Raditz's space pod.
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manics1 writes:
A lot of people think that. Gohan didn't completley destroy it, he just made a big hole.
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Namekian writes:
But that ship was wrecked by Gohan when he bursted out of it when he saw Goku falling.
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sam writes:
It is one of the first episodes before Radik, when Piccolo destroys Goku's ship because the mighty midget, as Freeza puts it, (Gohan) goes ape. Literally the first time this happened, he destroyed the moon.
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Namekian writes:
Details, details.
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superboy650 writes:
Actually, the ship that was destroyed by Piccolo to stop Gohan was Raditz's. Goku's (if i remember correctly) had fallen in a forest somewhere. At least that what it seems considering all stories about Goku being found have Goku's adoptive father, Gohan (not Goku's son who was named after Goku's adoptive Father) finding him in a forest near his house. So technically, Goku could have been hiding his space ship kind of like Superman hides his in Smallville.
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