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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a "slip-up" on this site?
A slip-up could be any mistake made by anyone in any situation. We all probably make many minor slip-ups every day. This site, however, is mainly concerned with entertaining slip-ups that are public and can be verified by others. Here are the qualities in slip-ups we are looking for:
  1. Public
    If the slip-up didn't occur in a public way, others won't be able to confirm and enjoy the slip-up.
  2. Accidental
    Slip-ups must truly be mistakes that were unintended. There are many entertaining hidden secrets in movies, TV, etc. that are intentional, but those belong in our companion site, The Easter Egg Archive.
  3. Practical to Fix
    There are some things that are either impossible to fix, or totally impractical, and these can't really be considered Slip-Ups. For example, clouds in the background are impossible to make continuous, if the scene has any edits at all. And there is no reasonable way for a camera crew to avoid their reflection being shown in a shiny doorknob. But anything that is reasonably fixable can be considered a Slip-Up.
  4. Entertaining!
    Boring trivial mistakes like minor spelling errors or bugs in computer programs don't belong in this archive. The slip-up should have at least a little bit of entertainment value
How long is a slip-up marked as "new" after it has been entered into the archive?
Slip-ups are marked "new" for 2 weeks after they have been entered.

More questions? Let us know!
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