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So you found a mistake of some kind... but is it a Slip-Up?
Mistakes abound everywhere in movies, TV, books, etc. If we collected every spelling mistake, plot inconsistency, editing mistake, and logical flaw, it would probably fill a library. We can't do that (and don't want to). Instead, Slip-Ups in this archive are meant to be only accidental mistakes, with no plausible explanation, that others can verify, but not so trivial as to be nit-picking. Let's make sure your submission qualifies with this short quiz!
Can your Slip-Up be explained away by a reasonable argument of why it could really happen? Yes / No
Can you think of a plausible explanation for this "mistake", even an unlikely one? If so, it's not a Slip-Up. For example, a scene of someone who just fell in the water, but are suddenly completely dry IS a Slip-Up. However, if there is a time lapse of any significant duration between the scenes, you could invent all sorts of plausible explanations of how they became dry again, and it would NOT be a Slip-Up.
Is your Slip-Up something that should have reasonably been caught and prevented? Yes / No
Mistakes that can't reasonably be avoided aren't Slip-Ups. For example, clocks or clouds in the background can't really be controlled. The same goes for shadows on a sunny day, or reflections of the camera crew in doorknobs. However, drastic changes in weather from shot to shot ARE Slip-Ups, as are reflections of crew in large windows, since these things can and should be avoided by the director and editing crew.
Is your Slip-Up a trivial grammar or spelling mistake? Yes / No
Spelling and grammar mistakes are too trivial to be Slip-Ups. If you saw a misspelling in a book, or a sign, or noticed a flubbed line, or bad grammar, or a big run-on sentance with grammer and speling errors like this one, good for you! But please don't submit it here, cause we won't post it.
Is your Slip-Up a trivial inconsistency between one or more episodes, or sequels? Yes / No
Inconsistencies between episodes of a series, between movie sequels, or between any two seperate "stories" are not Slip-Ups we want to post. Why? Yes, they are mistakes, but often they are trivial and only of interest to the most die-hard fans of a series. For example, there are so many inconsistencies between the various Star Trek episodes I don't even want to count them. Yes, these episodes are supposed to take place in the same "universe", and in a perfect world they would all be consistent with each other. But let's be realistic... these episodes were written by different people, and their main goal was to make an interesting episode, not have perfect knowledge of the entire Star Trek universe.
Was your Slip-Up done on purpose, even if you don't think it makes sense? Yes / No
Things done by the writers/directors ON PURPOSE, even if they don't make logical sense, aren't Slip-Ups. They may be stupid, they may be wrong, but Slip-Ups must be accidental. For example, the fact that the kids in The Simpsons never get older isn't a Slip-Up. It's intentional, even though the show has been on for years. Or if some sci-fi movie violates some laws of physics, hey, just suspend your disbelief. It's not a Slip=Up.
Is your Slip-Up a duplicate of one already listed in the archive? Yes / No
Please check to make absolutely sure your Slip-Up is not already in the archive. You can check by browsing or searching from the front page.
Have you personally seen this Slip-Up with your own eyes? Yes / No
We only want eyewitness accounts please! No second or third hand stuff.
Can you provide a precise episode, time, and/or location for your Slip-Up? Yes / No
Readers need precise instructions so they can find your Slip-Up!