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Home Alone 2 - Duncans Toy Chest? I Don't Think So!
Now check this out folks! The toy store Kevin visits in New York is called "Duncans Toy Chest" well, this toy store doesn't even exist! I think might have mistaken it for FAO Schwartz, what morons!! Macully Culkin should've picked up on this, I mean he IS a kid!!! I mean come on now!
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
Rookery  Building in Chicago aka the front of Duncan's Toy Chest in Home Alone 2
Rookery Building in Chicago aka the front of Duncan's Toy Chest in Home Alone 2
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Special Requirements: VCR, Phone Book Of The Greater New York Area, Lots of popcorn
Contributed By: redsox02 on 02-07-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Homer writes:
Did YOU pick up on the fact that the characters in this MOVIE also do not exist???
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Bradley Geiser writes:
I went to New York on a tour and my guide was talking about how the scenes in Duncans Toy Chest were filmed inside FAO Schwartz.
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pnygerl writes:
They probably used Duncan's toy chest..because they couldn't shoot in FAO Schwartz..and plus..Kevin has never been to, he probably doesn't know..that the store doesn't exist. Plus, it's a movie..people can make things and places up if they want to.
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GOD!™ writes:
Does it matter if it exists? If it was real- real New York do you not think the small child may have been victim to rape, murder, mugging or whatever if traveling those bad streets?
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silverarc writes:
Have you ever seen Road Rules on MTV? They tape over all the brand names because they could get sued for using brand names or maybe they didn't want to promote a certain brand. Also, I heard that the owner of FAO Schwartz (however you spell it) is really stingy, maybe that's it
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Jackie writes:
This is NOT a slip up. The producers of the movie are just too cheap to pay royalties to FAO Schwartz, hence Duncan's Toy Chest
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jaeffe writes:
no kidding! They use a lot of generic-type/nonexisting stores and brand names in movies. Look at Home Alone 1 for example-Little Nero's pizza? I don't know for sure, but I don't think that exists either.
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LandoCommando writes:
So... I hate to break it to everyone giving answers in this post, but you're all mistaken. I was an extra in Home Alone 2 when I was 6 and I was actually in the Duncan's Toy Chest scene(s). The whole store was a set (definitely not FAO Schwartz) and, while the scenes filmed "in front" of the store WERE shot at the Rookery, the inside of Duncan's Toy Chest wasn't. That was filmed in the Uptown Theater (also in Chicago). Hope that helps!
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MovieLineMemorizer writes:
Nobody may ever read this because I don't know when the last comment was posted about Duncan's Toy Chest. The only reason I even found the sight was because I'm planning a trip to NYC and thought it would be cool to go see it, but new that wasn't it's real name. I just wanted to let you guys know that just like anything else in life, not using brand names is not absolute for everybody on every program or in every movie. They try to get around it as much as possible so that they don't have to pay so much recognition fees for advertisement. Some sitcoms have all generic brands and some movies try to have some just to cut down their bills.
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PeachyAnnie writes:
OK, I am a communications major at my university, and we have been taught that brand names actually pay to place their products in movies, not the other way around. This is known as Brand Placement. As far as Duncan's Toy Chest goes, they simply made the choice to change the name, it is a ficticious story, they can do that. And for whoever made the comment about a child getting raped, murdered, or killed in New York, obviously you have never been to Manhattan (I live 15 mins away). It is known as one of the safest cities in the country. It is also "the city that never sleeps," so you're never really alone in the city, you are surrounded by tons of people (although I do realize there is always a risk, especially since Kevin is in Central Park, which probably isn't the safest place for a child after dark).
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michelle writes:
This is not a slipup. According to the toy store is named after the executive producer Duncan Henderson. Like other people said most movies make up their own brands or own store names, but they also use real ones too.
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star451 writes:
That was on purpose
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C-Mike writes:
Do you think that the planets in Star Wars exist? Do wookies and ewoks exist? I don't think so. What about in the Spider-Man movies? They used the Real New York City for a lot of the scenes. They probably couldn't get permission to use the FAO Schwartz, or whatever it's called, so they changed it to Duncan's Toy Chest, which was named after the executive producer of the movie. How about the movie Vertical Limit(the movie where the characters climb K2)? They can't really film actors climbing a mountain like that, right? They used a studio. What about Titanic? They also used a studio.
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psychomike writes:
Actually, Little Nero's does exist. It is a small pizzeria in Chicago that specializes in extra thin and no crust pizza. Btw, I think that redsox02 is right in his critical look at movies and film. Redsox02, I salute you!
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jaeffe writes:
OK, fine. But the point is movie people use a lot of non-real products to avoid the hassle of using real products.
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sandman writes:
The actual store used for "Duncan's Toy Chest" in Home Alone 2 was filmed at "The Rookery Building", a real toy store in Chicago, Illinois. Duncan was the name used because it is named after the producer, Duncan Henderson. "FAO Schwartz" is the toy store near Central Park, which is what "Duncan's Toy Chest" is representing.
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Anita writes:
This was kind of a silly "slip-up" to add here. As many people have said, movies and T.V. shows make up their own brands, stores, or other things. It is true, like was commented, that companies will pay the movie for the appearance of their logo or product, it is not the other way around. The only way a movie maker may pay is if they make an arrangement to shoot some of the film in the actual non-fictional location. Most of the time, the use of the company logo and or product and filming on location in said company location causes a break-even depending on the arrangement. FAO Schwarz probably did not want to be associated with the movie, therefore they did not agree to have their likeliness portrayed. It was up to the movie makers at that point to create a fictional place to give the feeling of the famous FAO Schwarz. Just a little side note: I bet "Gary's Shoes and Accessories" was also a fictional business made up for Al to work at in Married With Children. "Lucky Aide" where Lois works in Malcolm in the Middle is most likely fictitious also.
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chris writes:
well it had to be real because he went to the Plaza Hotel and he walked up to the twin towers and then he saw through the telescope on the roof the statue of liberty
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sandman writes:
Clarification: The lower level of "The Rookery Building" in Chicago, Illinois was used as a model to film "Duncan's Toy Chest" in "Home Alone 2".
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jd writes:
Actually, whoever said that brand names are always taped over is wrong because in "Happy Gilmore", Adam Sandler advertises Subway subs. Also, in "Jingle All The Way", Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad go to the Mall of America. So this could have been a slip-up, since brand names are not always covered up.
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