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Gone In Sixty Seconds - Extra Lamborghini Diablo
During the movie you see bits and pieces of Caltri's list of 50 cars to be stolen, most of them are Mercedes, with a few Ferraris. However, you see only one Lamborghini listed, and it's a Lamborghini LM (you can find a list of Caltri's cars on the internet). The Lamborghini LM, however, is an SUV. The car thieves were arguing about not stealing cars that weren't on the list. But you later see Memphis and Sway waiting for a couple to leave (the sex scene) to steal a Lamborghini Diablo, which isn't on the list.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
Lamborghini Diablo (not a Jaguar XJ220) is what is actually stolen
Lamborghini Diablo (not a Jaguar XJ220) is what is actually stolen
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Special Requirements: x-ray vision
Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-08-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Pace10183 writes:
Where can i find the list of cars from Gone in 60 Seconds?
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Mune writes:
The car that Angelina Jolie, and Nick Cage are squatting behind while the couple is getting it on is undeniably a Lamborghini Diablo. Look at the film again, and you'll see that the characteristic rear end, center grill, and taillights are unmistakable. Angelina Jolie drives the Jag XJ220 to the rendezvous point and remarks something like, “Man, I love this car.
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evylboi writes:
Ya know, for a second I thought you were right, but then I paused the DVD when they were talking about how they are gonna boost the cars, and you can barely make it out, but it says "Lamborghini Diablo" right above where it says the Lamborghini SUV. All you can really see is Lamborghini Diab, but I'm sure that was supposed to be the diablo. Takes a really sharp eye!
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emcee writes:
Alright, the car that they steal while the couple is having sex IS a Lamborghini Diablo. My brother has a model of it and on the back you can see the Diablo symbol, along with a crest of some sort, and when they first go by the car, you can see the Diablo symbol and the crest in the same place as they are in the model. The grill and such are also legit as Diablo.
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digital_oxygen writes:
Hey if you can't tell the difference between a Diablo and an XJ220 you must be blind. I am a Lamborghini enthusiast and I know that the "sex scene" and the purple car that is stolen is none other than the Lamborghini Diablo SE30 (Special Edition marking Lamborghini's 30th Anniversary) and the XJ220 is the silver car that "Sway" brings in herself. There are many "slipups" in "Gone in 60 seconds" such as the XJ220. When the young computer hacker is getting the details he calls the XJ220 "Hilary" when later "Sway" calls it "Bernadine". Also if you look just before the jump scene the trailer that "Memphis" uses to jump the traffic is up and then in the next scene it's down. It's still a great film but these should have been noticed and for one last time ITS A DIABLO NOT A JAG XJ220. COMPRENDE!!!!
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j writes:
actually... in the movie, right between the scene where Donny and Freb steal a car and a would-be carjacker pulls a gun on Donny, and Memphis/Sway steal the Ford T-Bird, Otto crosses off "Stacy" on the green chalkboard... listed as the Jaguar XJ220. (snickers) i suppose the director was counting on general car-ignorance of the masses.
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Steve writes:
That is not a jag sway steals at that house, the one she brings to the dock is a different color!!!!! work it out. it looks nothing like the one she steals. watch the film again. also, what is the song at the start when he's teaching the kids. i really like it and want to download it but i don't know wot its called. someone please tell me. thanks.
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Bryan writes:
Calitri's list that you can find on the internet is wrong. The list that they have written on the chalkboard in the movie is in alphabetic order, and you can see that the only Lamborghini listed is a Lamborghini Diablo.
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glock23 writes:
The car in question is not the Jaguar XJ220, it is the Lamborghini Diablo. Watch the movie again.
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Cosmic Butterfly writes:
If you take a look at the full list of Calitri's cars, Nicknames and all, in the sleeve of the DVD, you will see that the Lambourghini Diablo is not even on the list to be stolen. I must admit I was fooled into thinking the 'sex scene' car was one at first, but after seeing the movie again it is definately the XJ220 - if you need any further proof, when Sway gets out the car she says 'and Bernadine just took me for a ride' - Bernadine is the nickname of none other than the XJ220...
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darklord writes:
I also noticed this. However it was not in the movie I realised the huge mistake. I got the DVD for Christmas and inside the sleeve they actually give you the list of 50 cars. I noticed that the Diablo was not on that list.
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lashss writes:
That is indeed a Diablo SE30, US Spec. A friend bought the car after the movie was completed through Nicholas Cage's broker in LA. He's got the screen cap of Jolie and Cage kneeling down behind it as well as Cage's registration showing the license plate number shown in the film scene. FWIW, the Jag is not $750k anymore, you can find ones for about $100k in Europe, a little more here. Interesting that it's not on the list...
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BigT writes:
It wasn't the Jaguar XJ220 that they stole when the couple are having sex. Thats a Diablo. I know this b/c my uncle has a Diablo and one of my friends has a XJ220. They look nothing alike. If anyone doesn't believe me go to and look for yourself.
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Sir Mouse-A-Lot writes: is the website. They have a list of, I think most if not all, the 50 cars out of that movie and all the call names.
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JB writes:
Hate to say it guys... but you need to look pretty close to the end of the list for that car. I'm pretty sure it's a Vector. Not sure of the model name/number. The doors open McLaren F1 style... not the famous Lamborghini scissor door.
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The Jeanyus writes:
Dunno about the Lambroghini SUV, but the car that Sway and Memphis steal while the couple is getting their groove on is none other than the $750,000 dollar, 218 mph, Jaguar XJ220, which I have seen in person. Looks quite a lot like a Lambroghini, but do a little research and I believe you'll find me to be correct.
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