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Liar Liar - Fletcher Lies!
In the scene where Fletcher tries to convice his secretary not to quit, he's on his knees and she asks him if it was justice that a criminal sued her friend when he fell through her skylight and he got x amount of $$. He says "No. I'd have got him $xxx." She then storms off angry as he tries to stop her leaving. Listen to him here because he says "I didn't understand the question!" Clearly a lie he spoke!
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Contributed By: The Caj on 11-26-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dkildea writes:
The whole point was he DIDN'T understand the question. When she said "Is that justice?" And he said "No, I'd have gotten him $10." He thought she meant is that justice regarding the reward to the criminal; then he realized she meant is that justice in regards to how her friend was treated. He makes a few comments that don't come true in this movie, like promising to play ball with his son. Just because they aren't true doesn't mean he didn't believe it when he said it.
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Moon_Unit writes:
There's another slipup similar to this one...when Fletcher goes into his office just before the "blue pen" scene, he bangs his head against the wall and says "you can beat's all a matter of will-power," which it obviously isn't. Sounds like a lie to me...but then dkildea was saying that he believed it to be true at the time, which makes it not a lie. However, later in the movie, when Fletcher and Audrey have an argument after picking up his car at the impound, he attempts to defend himself by saying "I'm a good father," but since he can't lie, it comes out "I'm a BAD father." Now, judging by the shock on his face, he *believed* he was a good father until the "truth spell" forced him to say otherwise. So, apparently the will-power comment and the promise he made to his son were lies that went unnoticed after all. :o) (If that made any sense...LoL *winks*)
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That is true Hawkeye but if you watched the movie enough you know that by the time that scene comes along his sons wish has come true and is supposedly unable to tell a lie. That's why his secretary is quitting and that is why he had to say he would have gotten him more money. By this time in the movie he isn't supposed to be able to tell a lie.
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Jedi chick writes:
True enough. But then's a comedy and I guess I sorta missed that because I was laughing.
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Steve Austin writes:
Maybe he didn't really understand the question. Maybe the lady meant something else that Jim Carrey did not understand. Technically, you couldn't count that as a lie. Because it's just a matter of opinion, not fact. I could've thought I understood the question, but then again Carrey might have seen the question differently than I did.
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Rob writes:
Ever think that maybe he didn't really understand the question? seriously, if he really understood the question, do you really think that Fletcher thought he could get the robber 10 grand?
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jax2099 writes:
Actually, the playing ball comment was true when he said it because there was no reason for it to be a lie until he went to jail. He had the time that night and he was going to do it.
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adriano writes:
There was another lie. When that girl he slept with came up and asked if he was busy, he said "Extremely", but he was doing nothing but laying down at the time.
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squijee writes:
dkildea is right, The Caj is wrong. End of story. I just wanted to mention also that the blooper segment at the end of the film has the funniest bloopers that I have EVER seen.
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Aaron Yacks writes:
Actually, Fletcher wasnt lying... He was trying to convince his secritary to stay and lie for him..
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Dave writes:
Excellent!!!! I did not even notice that one!
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shawn writes:
I just wanted to point out how lame the comment was about how the movie is called Liar Liar so this means there will be lying in the movie. This doesn't excuse any mistakes because the whole plot of the movie was that this 'liar liar' wasn't able to do what he did best.
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PoP cHiK writes:
Well, he can't he says "I'd of got him 10". I think he said "Wait, I didn't understand the question" because he doesn't want Greta, his secretary, to get mad at him for saying he'd have got the criminal more money. So, he was trying to cover up for his comment. But hey, I could be wrong.:-)
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