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Matrix, The - Open Up
When the agents are chasing Neo in his office, he goes to the office room at the end of the hall and opens the window. Only, those windows don't open. I wash skycrapers for a living and trust me, you cant open them.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-24-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
Well mate, responding to the answer provided before by fluffy, as I live in Australia, no, skyscraper windows don’t open here. But thank you for remembering the movie was filmed in Australia. (most people forget). The air pressure and building standards and codes here are the same as in America and everywhere else (only differences are standard sizes), only our air is cleaner. And yes, trust me, I’m studying the diploma of Architectural Technology and am currently in the second year (out of 2 full-time years). However, I am NOT a person taking a jab at the marvelous and perfect Matrix. I do agree with the comment made by Tadabiyashi, Lexi and Subzero. Maybe, when Matrix 2 and 3 come out back-to-back in mid 2001 or 2002, and we see that Tank has the ability to change very small and unnoticeable things in the matrix, like a window, the position of a mattress (ie, see the stupid and pointless slip-up above called soft-land) we will all go oohhhhhh!!! So that how the window, and the scaffold were placed conveniently near that room and on the same level.
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Subzero writes:
Later on in the film, Neo asks for a door, and the team "hack" a door for him. Surely they could have altered the code of the Matrix to allow him to open the window???
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Majin Freeza writes:
Skyscrapers and tall hotels that have opening windows can't open enough to let him out. most skyscrapers don't have opening windows. Must've squeezed though a 1ft wide gap! Btw, this is the Matrix; a vr world. Things can be altered, like the chopper that crashed into the building and warped it like water.
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TRiNiTY writes:
I don't think it matters to be honest. This isn't a slip up! The directors obviously included an opening window intentionally, otherwise it would just be stupid having Neo throw himself out a window. And the possibilities are endless as to why a skyscraper has an opening window, and they no doubt were aware of this. Some people obviously can't grasp the entire concept the The Matrix!
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pikachu-007 writes:
So, EVERY building window in the WORLD wont open?!
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M0NZ0 writes:
Look KGB, If a stock investor person' stock crashed and they wanted to go out a window, it would be alot easier to break a window than open it, those thing are hard as hell to open, I know I work in a high rise building! And dont tell me those things have bullet proof glass in them.
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Tadabiyashi writes:
Remember that Morpheus gave Neo exact instructions on how to escape. They (Tank and the rest) probably found an empty office and changed the windows there. (Also this is a movie, anything (almost) can happen in a movie.)
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Tadabiyashi writes:
I saw that scene again, the regular windows don't open. There are some smaller windows that are made to open for air.
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dj_heffalump writes:
People, people . . . . ! Obviously, the writers/directors/etc. didn't think that it was a 'slip-up' to have a window open. They could have had Neo on a fire escape!! So stop kvetching (complaining)!! [that's Yiddish]
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DV8 writes:
I don't exactly classify this as a slip-up. It's not like they accidentally put it there. They wanted it there. The Wachowskis just didn't really know that fact. It doesn't really matter, but if they knew that, they would have made him just break the window or something.
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Teria writes:
The wind alone would make a window a pain to open, but it would be extremely dangerous as well. Many, many skyscrapers' windows do not open.
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Tristan Morrison writes:
The Matrix was created by robots surely they would have made a mistake somewhere or other. Perhaps they didnt know how strong wind was so high up.
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KGB_Zealor writes:
This is a business building. What if an executive's stock goes down in a second crash (I know that it was set up for this to be VERY difficult)? He could just open the window and jump. It wouldn't open. At least not that big of a window.
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cantc writes:
Very large skyscrapers such as that one have windows that dont open for air circulation either that building doesnt care about heating costs or the writers or who ever didnt do research into it
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Lexi writes:
Hey people, this is the dream world, remember? And things can be changed. Remember about the deja vu? It happens when something is changed. Perhaps they changed the windows in the building to suit their purposes, or maybe Tank hacked in and changed it for Neo. The possibilities are endless.
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fluffy writes:
I'm no expert on skyscrapers or anything. But this movie was filmed in Australia. Maybe in Australia, the sky scrapers are different. I'm not sure
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dingo writes:
I am from Australia & the windows don't open in the high rises.i'm also a glazier & I've glazed alot of these would take a very long time & make a lot of noise trying to break through one.
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Katieay writes:
This film was shot entirely in Sydney, Australia. The windows open. It's against Occupational Health & Safety standards to not have available natural ventilation in every office, this is nationwide. Trust me, the windows open.
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Kimi writes:
I have to agree with TRiNiTY, this is obviously not a slip-up. It's just another case of movies ignoring reality (or building codes) to tell a great story. I thought this site was supposed to be about mistakes, not artistic liberties.
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Slurpy The Frog writes:
Subzero, they do not 'hack' a door. They find a door, due to having schematics of everywhere.
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Zanthor writes:
OK. They didn't hack that door in the chase scene near the end, it was already there.
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Blinded Reality writes:
Has anyone else forgotten that Neo isn't actually walking on a skyscraper?? He is not actually many many floors above ground. It is a SET folks... built to the needs of the production crew. Therefore if they want the window to open, the window will open.
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