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Deep Blue Sea - Maybe It's Genetically Modified Electricity?
The head scientists takes off her rubber wetsuit (for the male audience no doubt) and uses it as an insulation pad to protect herself when she drops a power cable into the water to fry a shark. However, the suit is soaking wet, and on top of a shelf that is covered in water. She'd fry along with the shark.
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Special Requirements: Knowledge of physics
Contributed By: Steve Crow on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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anon writes:
water proof swim suit maybe? which would stop 'Susie' from frying
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anon writes:
... the walls weren't made from it shouldn't affect that... from what i remember anyway, the pipes over her head were though.
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leahlove525 writes:
The suit was made out of rubber...she was grounding herself. When you're grounded with rubber, you don't get electrocuted. Although, that wouldn't explain her being safe if she was actually leaning against a metal wall. She would have to be touching only the suit when the current went through the water.
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Steve Crow writes:
But the rubber suit she's grounding herself with is _wet_. It's atop a wet metal shelf. Which is standing in water that an electrical cable has been more or less dropped into. You cover a non-conductor with a conductor, and that non-conductor is useless. Which is just what happens here.
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BigBluePenguin writes:
Some of you people just don't seem to understand the concept of electricty. IT DOES NOT MATTER that she is standing on a rubber suit... it is still wet all over the outside of the suit. Therefore electricity can, and will, travel thru the water on the outside of the suit. Its like if you're standing on a rubber mat covered with water and someone drops a cable on it, just cuz its rubber are you safe? Didn't think so ;)
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PreciousPrincess13 writes:
I was thinking about this when I was watching the scene. I sat there thinking, "Shouldn't SHE be a french fry by now?"
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Brad writes:
Wasn't the laboratory built out of metal? If so why wasn't she fried by leaning against a metal wall?
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me writes:
The walls were not metal...they were concrete.
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Jennifer writes:
The only possible explanation for her taking her wet suit off was to benefit the male audience... isn't the fact that she had rubber shoes on in the first place more of a point?
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Steprika writes:
It's still rubber though! If you say that are you saying that if it was raining and your car got hit by lightning, you get electrocuted because the tires and the ground are wet? I don't think so!
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