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X-Files, The - Bad Spelling
This episode takes place in Northwestern Iowa near Sioux City.
Numerous times, they visit a lake, and according to the captions (Which tell where and when the scene takes place) it is Lake Okobogee, Iowa.
This is not the correct spelling. The correct spelling is actually Japanese, Okoboji. This can be verified by looking near the NW corner of Iowa on a map (Dickinson County). Also being a native of Iowa for the past 17 years, this is pretty much a known fact in this area.
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Special Requirements: Copy of the X-Files episode "Conduit", possibly a map of Iowa
Contributed By: Torin Darkflight on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Morfeus writes:
You'll find this throughout the series: anyone who lives in a city where an episode takes place could tell you it's not REALLY their city. The episode in which the bounty hunter is chasing down and murdering identical clones is set in my town (Germantown MD), but there are no high-rise apartments in my town and the interstate and hotel they put there DO NOT EXIST.
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Mylinae writes:
I don't know if anyone realizes, but the older episodes were filmed in Canada before D.D. decided he didn't like the weather (more specifically, he didn't like the British Columbia rain. He P.O.d his Vancouver fans more than a bit, whether that was a reason for the move at all) It's just cheaper in Canada, and hence the local mess ups. In the old days before the cash flow could handle frequent site filming in the States, I'm sure many a south B.C. town magically ended up somewhere in the U.S. as occasion demanded. Also, screwing up place name spellings can be easy, there's a lake north of my city that has at least five printed versions of its name (Lake Thanet, Lac Thanet, Lake Thanit, Thanat Lake, Thinet Lake etc.) and that's not even a difficult one!
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Kristen Kilar writes:
The bigger slip up is from the person who reported this "living in Northwest, Iowa." Throughout the show Mulder and Scully shuttle between Sioux City and Lake Okoboji and claim the teens did as well. I can tell you it is easily 2 hours between the two places and would have been closer to 3 hours in the 90's (no highway back then). Also, they would not have sent a team from Des Moines to drag the lake, since Minneapolis is just as close and actually has water near it.
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beth writes:
Actually, several of the North Carolina-based episodes have had a consistent slip-up...non-vanity NC license plates have a hyphen between the first three and last four figures. On the show the hyphen's missing.
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AnaDi writes:
There have been many set in Raleigh, NC, which is near me, but they do OK with Raleigh, i.e. the Blue Devil Brewery "near Morrisville" in "Beyond The Sea" is accurate.
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Kristy writes:
i agree with Morfeus. the episode where they found a little girl wandering around an alley and they end up finding out she is a reincarnation of a woman's husband, was set about 15 minutes away from where i live and it was nothing like where i live! lol
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