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Sixth Sense, The - "I Glance at Dead People"
In the scene where the Dr. and Cole's mom are sitting together she greets Cole and talks about the day she and he had, she then takes his coat and starts to the kitchen to make triangle pancakes. As she goes down the stairs, she glances at the "dead" Dr. sitting in the chair.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Bluebrit writes:
I think this was a very clever and intentional act at the directors cue because it made it appear as if the mother were actually talking to the doctor as well as her son and the director didn't want the audience to know at this point that the doctor was actually dead. I didn't know until the very end. How many times have you left a room and glanced around first? I definitely think this was an intentional (and smart one at that) move on the directors part.
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ldybrdway writes:
She may have just been glancing in the direction that Cole was looking because if you notice, he's staring right at Willis.
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Jade writes:
How is this a slip-up? Don't you ever look around? She could have been glancing at anything. I know I don't normally just stare straight ahead like a robot as I walk.
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CBMatt writes:
Go outside and stare at the sky for a few minutes. Many of the passing pedestrians will glance up at the sky where you're looking.
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WildCherryMommy writes:
I agree with Bluebrit. I also just put it on that scene, and I played the DVD slowly, and as she is just about to walk into the kitchen, she does glance to the side, BUT only as far as the chair she had been sitting in, NOT at the Doctor. It was barely a glance and so quick you know she was not really looking at anything anyway, and again it was not in the direction of the chair he was in. So pop in the movie, put it on slow, and realize this is not a slip up. It was, as said before, a GREAT thing done on purpose to make the situation seem as it was not.
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SpEcIeS-UnKnOwN? writes:
I agree with the theory that Cole was staring directly at 'something', she just wanted to see what was so important.
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Westopher writes:
does not mean she saw him
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slick03 writes:
i also believe that she just glanced around the room, but can anybody answer me this? before she goes into the kitchen she says "youve got an hour", who is she saying that to? if to her son, what for? one can only assume that she was saying that to bruce as in you have an hour session with my son.
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defroth writes:
I agree with Bluebrit. That was just a little snippet to make sure you know that the Dr is NOT DEAD! Stumping you at the end. Like everyone I could swear that I saw him interact with people forcing me to watch the movie again. Cole's Mom glance was just in the direction that Cole was starring at. Also she could of just looked there, people look around sometimes. This movie is second to 'The Matrix' in my list of God movies.
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paranoid_android writes:
Not really a slip-up, just an annoying loose end. How did Willis make the appointment with Cole and gain entry to the house if Cole's mother can't see him or, for that matter, hail a taxi and never really wonder why they never seem to see him. As I said, not really a slipup, but...
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Easter Girl writes:
The ghosts only see what they want to see. Malcolm could´ve seen things that didn´t really happen. (That the mother let him in, etc.)
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Kristy writes:
have you ever been sitting in a room by yourself and just "felt" like someone was there, and you look anyway knowing that no one is there? people have said that they can "feel" spirits or whatever you'd like to call them.
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