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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Knives or Stabbing Weapons
When Arnie is talking about what the t1000 can do (cloning and stuff) he says that the t1000 cannot form into complex machines, but he can form knives and stabbing weapons. Later, he says that he can only form things of equal size. I'd LOVE to see a knife that big. :)
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-21-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Jedi chick writes:
I think he means that he can't make his arm into a machine gun or something complex. He can turn his arm into a knife, though, not his whole body.
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AJK writes:
Say the T1000 has a mass of 100KG (just as an example). That means that it can only form shapes that _also_ mass 100KG. So it could easily change it's arm into a knife if it made the inside of it's shape hollow.
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Diceman writes:
I think what they meant by the "equal size" line is that the mass of the T-1000 has to remain constant; it can't shrink or grow in size. It can turn its arm into a knife, or change shape to look like something else, but it can't turn its entire body into a tiny dagger or expand to fill an entire room. It's basically just conservation of mass.
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changster writes:
The T-1000 could easily grow to fill an entire room. He would just be stretched really really thin. Using the earlier example of 100kg, that much matter can be many many sizes and shapes. Just look and the way he turned into the floor. He spread himself thin, but had to cover a large area. Mass cannot be changed. However, volume and area can. So he CAN grow in size, but he'd be really flimsy.
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Kelly writes:
They are talking about his arms! His arms for knives and stabbing weapons to kill people.
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-133- writes:
If that's the case, what about when the T-1000 is being dragged behind the car, and morphed his hands into those hooks? And he pulls himself up the car and starts swiping at John, but Arnie blows off the end of one of the hooks. Yet when he walks up to the piece of metal on the road, his hands were back to normal.... except there's a piece of him on the road. So shouldn't there be part of his body missing somewhere else? Or maybe he's a millimetre shorter before he absorbs that piece of metal into his foot again?
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Wedge| || ||| | || || | || ||| writes:
They are saying he can't turn himself into a bomb or gun, but he could make himself a huge knife but who would carry it??!!. This isn't even a slip up people!!!!!
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Du Nomad writes:
Have you actually watched the movie? The T-1000 can change parts of its body independently . . . like arms and legs and such. He can change his arms into "knives or stabbing weapons" . . . last time I checked, a sword is bigger than a person's arm . . .
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Barry Normal writes:
Yup no slipup here he can make a sword that big as his arm is thick a sword is thin! If that is not enough for you he may have been a couple of centimetres shorter and you would'nt have noticed which brings me on to the comment above. The t1000 is a morphing alloy so yes he does not have a visible missing chunk but would obviously be a little shorter, Don't quote me on this but when I watched T2 ages ago I thought they may have made one shoe slighty smaller before the change just to emphasise this, anyone?
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