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Full House - Stephanie's Ears
In the early episodes of Full House, Stephanie's ears are pierced. They usually have studs in them and are probably not clip ons. But in a later episode, Steph gets her ears pierced against her father's consent and then they become infected. He said that she could get her ears pierced when she was in 8th grade. What, did he just change his mind all of the sudden??
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Steph's ears are peirced in the old episodes
Steph's ears are peirced in the old episodes
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Contributed By: Banana Rama on 01-24-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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SideShow writes:
But remember in the ear piercing episode she tells her friends, Jennifer and Jennifer, that she wears clip-on earrings that look like real ones.
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volley_tennis_me writes:
The actor who plays Stephanie probably has her ears pierced in Real Life. She might have just gotten them pierced and had to wear studs during the filming of some shows.
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suzykaye 07 writes:
It was so obvious that she had her ears pierced. You can tell the difference between real and clip-on earrings. Hers were real.
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webhoggrll writes:
Everyone who says they're studs, your wrong. In the episodes when Steph's hair is straight, if she wear's her hair just right, you can see holes in her ears. But, yeah, they aren't gonna drop an episode idea because of a little thing like that.
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Valarie writes:
There are also magnetic earrings that look like studs, but they don't clip. Any little girl could have them wanting to look more grown up. The parents like them because there is no hole in the child's ear. They can be small to have that pierced look.
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liz writes:
I noticed this one, too. The ones in the earlier episodes may have been clip-ons, but why would they want a seven year old to wear them? I think the writers of television shows think the watchers have bad memories, or maybe they do themselves.
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Princess49 writes:
I agree with Liz and the very early episodes, when Stephanie was younger, she did have little gold earrings....then they make it seem like she has never. BIG SLIP UP!!
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daunrealist writes:
Carrie, if you said that about every slip-up, this site wouldn't exist! Good catch, submitter!
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Carrie writes:
When you need an idea for an episode you can't go back and change little details like earrings....they would not been able to make such a quality episode if they had to worry about little things...they would not been able to make a lot of quality episodes if they kept everything give them a break.
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Marissa writes:
I think there was once an episode where Danny walked in D.J. and Stephanie's room while they were getting dressed, and after Stephanie put on her shoes, she put on stick on earrings.
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vanillabunnie writes:
Yes, she did tell her friends they were clip-ons that looked real. AND, no her dad didn't change his mind all of a sudden about not being able to get them pierced until 8th grade, she did it without his permission, remember Kimmy pierced them for her with her brothers piercing gun, and then Stephanie put her hair up like princess lea so her dad wouldn't see, but then they got so infected she had to tell her dad.
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shishkabob12 writes:
The studs could have been the little stick on type.
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