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Saving Private Ryan - Scope
Fast forward to the part of the movie where the American sniper is counter-snipering against the German sniper in the bell tower. Whenever it shows the German's point of view through the scope. Notice that the cross-hairs of the scope are the one Horizon line, one Vertical line type. This seems normal but in World War II the German sniper scope had two Horizon lines, and a vertical line that stopped between them with a dot.
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Contributed By: Bariplayer2000 on 01-22-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Bariplayer2000 writes:
Actually BJ, the German sniper would see the puff of smoke. The sight of the smoke travels at the speed of light, but the bullet only travels supersonic. The Sniper would see the muzzle flash, then the bullet would hit him, and then the sound would reach his position, in that order.
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dlsawyer writes:
The sniper rifle and scope depicted in the film appear to be the correct German Hight Turret sniper rifle with the correct Hensoldt reticle. (The scope actually appears to be the 6 power Hensdoldt "Zielsechs" which replaced the 4 power Hensoldt "Ziellicht". Hensoldt is the military devision of Zeiss.) The Germans went with the higher powered 6x scope on the eastern front due to the long ranges on the plains in the USSR. It would be normal for a German sniper equiped in a high postion such as a bell tower or hillside to be equiped with a high powered scope. (The German snipers even occasionally used 8 power scopes normally used with field artillery and Air defense Artillery. An Ajack 8x normally used on the German 88mm gun is the type of scope Maj. Kater is depicted in in the film "Enemy at the Gates".) I don't know what the original poster was thinking. The reticle he is describing is the reticle used in the post war East German Zeiss Jena sniper scope and some Soviet 50-60s era sniper scopes. The reticle he is describing was not used an any sniper rifle in the european theater that I am aware of. The American Sniper rifle used in the film is the one that is fake. This has been posted on numerous gun forums and even some film sites. I don't know exactly what scope they used in the film but it appears to be a 1950s or 1960s vintage scope of about 6 power with a 1 inch tube. Probably a Weaver 6 power. The Weaver 6 power scope did not exist in the 1940s.
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Tony Gies writes:
True. I checked this to the info in my dad's WW2 book.
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j2_krazy writes:
its a 1903 ther high quality you wouldnt notice the diffrence
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Björn Andreasson writes:
At least in modern time sniper-rifles are sometimes custom-built or fitted to the preferences of the sniper. Couldn´t this be the case?
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BJ writes:
Also in the scene, you can see the puff of smoke from the Americans O3A3, no sound of a shot, and a delay before the round enters the German's scope and hits his eye. Actually, the german would not have seen the puff of smoke as the bullet would have already scrambled his brains by the time there would have been the sound of the report from the shot or the puff of smoke. Bullets travel a lot faster than the smoke which comes out of the barrel after the bullet.
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thompdosh writes:
I think it's unlikely he would have heard the rifle crack from up in the bell tower anyway.
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