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Matrix, The - Agents Wrists of Steel... Sometimes?
Please watch anytime an Agent fires his .44 or .50 caliber Desert eagle pistol before "killing" Neo towards the end. The explosion inside desert eagle, let alone any pistol would create what's called recoil, propelling the pistol backwards, and therefore also the user's hand. The agent's pistols up until the end have no recoil, and you can ask anyone who knows the slightest bit about firearms, a desert eagle is very powerful, and the violent recoil can break someone's wrist. The agents can just keep firing, as if the gun were a water pistol.
At the end, where Agent Smith shoots Neo in slow motion, miraculously, with each shot, his elbow bends back, in realistic recoil. Sadly, when the picture goes back into realtime motion, his hand stays still while cappin Neo in the chest.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-25-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Bezelbub writes:
You forget, the Agents are super fast (as totally evident in the bullet dodge scene on the roof). The Agents can shoot, move quickly (hand shoots back from recoil and then back into shooting position) and then shoot again. It only makes sense that we'd only be able to see this movement in slow motion.
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toddler06 writes:
First of all, they're agents. This means that they are only a computer program and can do basically whatever they want (including bending some rules). You already know their super strength, because nobody that I know can punch through a brick wall and not break his/her fist. So your "egg" is ridiculous. If you had thought about the circumstances and who the agents really are, then you never would have posted this absurd remark.
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Gunnar Holm writes:
First of all it's a .357 Magnum Desert Eagle that the agents use. And it doesn't have such a powerful recoil as you say due to it's weight. (almost 2.5kg). But you're right there should be some recoil.
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bear0906 writes:
I own a .50 cal D.E. it uses a gas recoil chamber and has an amazingly small recoil( About the same as any 9mm) I can fire it with one hand if I don't care what I hit.So shooting the .357 should be fairly easy to do and about the same. Also most guns used in movies are .22 replicas of the real guns I have a catalog where you can order guns from movies anything from the D.E to the one used in the alien movies all .22 cal
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snoopy writes:
Exactly my point.
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Du Nomad writes:
So you're saying that a dude who can punch through concrete walls and leap 30 feet from rooftop to rooftop can't hold a .357 or .44 Magnum steady? Remember, these aren't mere mortals . . . they're computer programs with superhuman strength, endurance, agility, etc. I used to have a computer game where the main character fired an .88 Magnum one-handed . . . is that a "slip up"?
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Slurpy The Frog writes:
Fun Science Fact No. 4: If a man can put his hand through concrete without worrying, he can hold a gun (yes, even a D.E.) with one hand.
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Mykross writes:
The DEP .50AE CAN break your wrist... If you're a 10 year old. If you allow the gun to angle back, also known as b**ch wristing it, instead of taking the recoil properly into the shoulder by locking the primary arm elbow, two things are likely to happen. First, about 50% of the time, the weapon will stovepipe jam(bullet stands straight up instead of chambering) because of the loss of inertia. And second, you will probably sprain your wrist. Trust me, I've done it(ouch, brace and no shooting for a month). But the thing is, if the Agents are properly firing the weapons, the recoil would be taken into the shoulder and barely noticeable in the Agents' approximately 6'1" frame.
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Kris writes:
Remember it is the matrix so the agents probably thought "this gun has no recoil" and it wouldn't have then.
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sps102 writes:
You must have weak wrists if shooting a gun can break them! I can shoot a 12 gauge with one hand.
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