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X-Files Movie, The - Back to D.C.
After Mulder saves Scully from the alien ship and they are laying in the snow for awhile, suddenly the scene changes to the Washington D.C. location. There is no explanation for how they got from Antarctica back to the U.S. Mulders snowmobile broke down, no one knew thats where they were, and they couldn't have possibly walked.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Jenny writes:
Let me clear this up once and for all. There is no indication that Mulder's vehicle was broken down. None whatsoever. There were probably gas cans in the back. Mulder stopped because he had arrived at the coordinates. Even so, don't you think he told Skinner where he was going? Seems logical to me.
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Philios_of_the_X writes:
Okay... quick explanation... you never know how they get outta Antarctica. In season eight, ep. "Alone", Agent Leyla Harrison enters, having been assigned to partner with Doggett on the X-files during Scully’s maternity leave. Harrison, a fan of Mulder and Scully’s work, is excited about being on an actual X-file and accompanies Doggett. After a ruff X-File-type adventure involving some blind agents and the interferance of a rogue Mr. Mulder, Harrison is hospitalized and decides not to continue working in the X-Files. As a treat, Agent Scully and the now civillianized Mulder visit Harrison... she is so grateful... (BTW Doggett gave Harrison the infamouse "Apollo 11 Medallion" that Scully gave him earlier that Mulder gave her FOR HER BIRTHDAY [4x17]) As she begins her fanatically drivin praise to our two favorite agents work, which kinda reminds me of... well me if I were in the FBI ("and this one time Mulder and Scully..."), she requests if they may answer a question that has had her going for years... "How did you guys get out of Antarctica after you escaped the alien space ship?" Scully and Mulder begin to explain when they start with the classic lines like: SCULLY "Well, we aren't sure it was really a space craft" MULDER "It was a space craft, I saw it... you saw it..." "I was passed out in the snow... and if I recall so were you..." Blah blah blah.. yadda yadda yadda... and the screen changes to th hall where you see Doggett start down the hall way to leave the hospital and you hear Mulder and Scully arguing in the background.... end credits. You never actually HEAR the explanation.... TADA... there ya have it!
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