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Unbreakable - Broken Arm
Ok, when Samuel Jackson's character is a boy, and he is in the apartment talking to his mother, and the whole scene is shot from the reflection in the television, his right arm is broken. When he goes across the street to get his gift, his left arm is in a sling!
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Special Requirements: Just watch the movie
Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-24-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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leahlove525 writes:
I just watched this movie two days ago, and I was actually confused about that, so I rewound it and watched again...The reflection looks like the right arm, so his left arm is actually in the sling. Therefore, this was not a valid slip-up. They were correct in keeping it as the left arm.
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Sheila writes:
I watched the movie yesterday and a reflection in the TV screen is exactly the same as a reflection in a mirror! So think about it: You lift your left hand facing a mirror, and your reflection raises it's right hand... His left arm is in a sling, and his reflection's right arm is in a sling... It's that simple.
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magicboy writes:
I just checked against the DVD and it is the left arm that is broken throughout the entire sequence.
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Que236 writes:
I'm watching it now.. The reflection is on his left arm.. Remember you're watching it through the camera and it's behind him.. It's the left on both. Watch carefully, and imagine yourself in a mirror. Be a little more careful when posting slip ups. Be sure you are correct.
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Wark writes:
It was obviously his left arm the whole time, even in the reflection. They wouldn't have messed up THAT bad!
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Puppyraper writes:
Yeah, it's obviously not a slip-up. It would be pretty difficult to do such a slip-up anyways, I can guarantee you that they filmed all of those shots in the same day since they're not that many scenes(you don't want to move cast and crew around more than you have to)...So he was most certainly wearing that sling all day, probably on the same arm... =)
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mouseman writes:
If you actually notice, the indoors scene is all reflected in the television screen but outside is the right way round.
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alf1203 writes:
Actually, when I first saw it I thought that the right arm was broken in the house, and then outside it was the left arm broken. I am not sure if it was the reflection from the TV that caused this illusion, but I definaetly think that in the house he had a different arm in the sling than when he is opening his present.
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TACD writes:
No, the whole gift scene is when he is a boy... but are you sure you're not getting confused due to the reflections thingy? I dunno anyway.
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