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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - T-1000 Is Really a Dummy!
If you go to the scene where the Sarah & John are escaping with Arnold from the Hospital. The new Terminator T-1000 goes to grab onto the back of their car as they take off. As they take the sharp turn out of the hospital with the T-1000 hanging on the back you can see that the T-1000 is just a dummy hanging on to the back of the car.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 01-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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KenDaLL WoLf writes:
This happened in Deep Blue Sea as well. When the shark was scraping that one guy against the wall, you could tell it was a dummy. I laugh every time i see that.
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Steven M writes:
Well what the heck do you want them to do man? Have Robert Patrick cling on the back of a police car going 30mph dragging on the ground???? Of course their gonna use a dummy! He would have probably lost a few layers of his skin! Be reasonable
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AJK writes:
What?! You mean he wasn't REALLY made of liquid metal and could change his shape into anything he "sampled by physical contact"? Way to ruin my life... :( ;)
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eddie writes:
Steven - It's not that far of a stretch to think they might have a stunt man be dragged instead of a dummy. With padding on the stunt person they should be fine. They used real people in the dragging scene for Raiders Of The Lost Ark
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Scolman writes:
Firstly, they weren't going all that fast in ROTLA when they where dragging the stunt man, they where driving so slowly that someone could have run up beside the truck. They couldn't do it here otherwise it would have looked like the T-1000 would have been able to catch up with them and turned this into a fairly short movie. So they had to drive at a fairly brisk speed. The road would have ripped whatever padding he was wearing to shreds. Secondly, in ROTLA, they never drove over any bumps or anything, whereas in T2, you can clearly see the dummy taking a bit of a beating as they drive out of the driveway and going over the kerb. The amount of padding needed to protect the guy hanging on the back of the car would of been huge, like those "sumo suits". There is no way they can get a human actor to do this scene.
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-133- writes:
Arnold is also clearly a dummy in one shot.... One of the times that the T-1000 smashes his head against the wall with that big metal thing in the steel mill.... looks especially fake.
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Jielsliken writes:
why couldn't the T-1000 just have laid there till they were going straight and then start after then like he did what's the point of trying to climb up the car while there jumping the curb he would have ran the risk of losing them all together i know he did but atleast he held on longer and tried so he is smart
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ZombieMan13 writes:
Hmmmm... lets see... Why would you be surprised by that? Are you saying that he should have been on that car for real?
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pja720 writes:
This is the type of "slip-up" that should never have been posted by the webmaster. What a waste.
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Shadow writes:
no... duh... the insurance company and the studio would rip their heads off if they used him. You try to hang on the back of a car with two metal pieces. You would fall off before the car started
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