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Mummy, The - The Magic Mummy's Paw
After everyone else has vacated Hamunaptra, and Burns has had his face pulled apart,Benny is wondering around until he is backed up against the wall by Imotep. When he says he may have use for Benny, and shows him the gold in his hand, notice the bone connecting his thumb and index finger. It leaves a hole in his right hand. Now after the horses and Camel's and people are gone, Imotep smashes his hand up through the ground. Notice there is no hole in his hand?
It is still the same hand. I think it is because up until that moment, they had used a computer to make the mummy Imotep. But it would have been easier to use a real human hand to crash up through the ground rather than use a computer.
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Special Requirements: The Mummy DvD, VHS
Contributed By: The Game on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Liss writes:
If you watched the DVD Making of the Mummy, you would know that the Mummy was never played by a human, it's all computer.
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jr_girl03 writes:
The hand in the sand is not Imhotep. Why would he be up and around the city and then all of a sudden end up in the sand? It's not him, it's another mummy. Like if you recall, at the end of movie when they're in the room that's filled with gold, there are hands coming up from the ground. But of course, none of them are Imhotep.
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heofon writes:
Actually if you recall a different scene where Imhotep kisses Evelyn you see that he can move the intact flesh to different areas on his body. His lips come and go while he's kissing her.
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Egyptian Princess writes:
This is true but how many people are going to notice that. Not many. But it was a mistake and they only way you would catch it is that if you watch it more than once. It was a really good movie, why did you have to point out something almost unseen.
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ladyjones writes:
The Mummy is only played by a human when he is almost fully regenerated, before that it is all CGI, thus Arnold Vosloo did play Imhotep, but not until AFTER he had assimilated the organs and fluids of at least two if not three of the Americans or Egyptologist.
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EvieOConnell writes:
If the mummy was never played by a human than why is Arnold Vosloo listed as the mummy in the cast??
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