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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Was Entering Harry in the Triwizard Tournament Unnecessary?
The reason given for Barty Crouch as Moody entering Harry in the Triwizard Tournament was so that Harry had to touch the winner's cup first, which was a portkey, and teleport him to Voldemort.
Okay, but the tournament part seems like an awful lot of trouble - Crouch described in detail all the work he went through to enter Harry in the contest and then to ensure that Harry got to the winners cup first.
Was there any reason given why Barty as Moody couldn't have made any other object (a pencil on his desk, for example) into a portkey, and then simply asked Harry to hand it to him after class?
Of course, I realize the obvious, that there would have been much less book without Harry in the Triwizard Tournament.
Also, this is something that could have been easily explained (nothing else inside of Hogwarts could be a portkey without detection, except for that winner's cup), but I don't recall seeing any such explanation given. Do any of you guys?
BTW, I'm not knocking the book; I loved it! My favorite in the series so far!!
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Contributed By: gumby22 on 01-22-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Katie99 writes:
Barty (Moody) explained that the reason he chose the Triwizard Tournament cup was so as not to attract attention to himself and make it seem like an awful accident. He explained that quite clearly. It was so that the others wouldn't see his hand in the middle of it.
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Sparky writes:
I'm not sure if this if correct or not, but i do believe that Dumbledore said that portkeys and the such couldn't be used IN the castle, he didn't say anything on outside grounds or anything!! -=Sparky=-
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Pammi writes:
This isn't a slip-up. This is only questioning the author's judgement. JK wrote the book that way to make it more interesting. The Tri-Wizard Tournament & all that stuff is what made the story. Honestly, would you guys rather read Harry Potter and the Pencil Off the Desk?? And don't be so critical about the pencil scenario, it was just an example.
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Dennis Creveey writes:
In all the books, Hermione says you can't use portkeys, apparate or anything inside the GROUNDS.
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Erin writes:
If he ask Harry to pick a pencil up for him after class then people would notice that Harry was missing in Moody's classroom. Also Ron and Hermonine never leave his side, they would just wait for him too pick up the pencil. ><+>
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Sharindria writes:
Maybe Crouch didn't do it beforehand because it wasn't time. Voldemort still hadn't finished his potion and collected his death eaters before that night. Crouch probably waited to give Harry to him because Voldemort wasn't at his full power, and Harry was likely to escape.
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psychochick writes:
Voldemort used the information he got out of Bertha Jorkins to set up his whole rebirth. The Triwizard Tournament was already planned and set up, and it was taking place at Hogwarts, where Harry was. By having his Death Eater enter Harry in the tournament, Harry became more vulnerable, because while he was performing the tasks Dumbledore couldn't protect him. There wasn't an opportunity during the first two tasks to slip in a Portkey, so he had to wait until the last task, when the Triwizard cup was the goal to reach. Only then did the Death Eater have a chance to slip in a Portkey where Harry could touch it and he would not be suspected. By the way, it is impossible to apparate inside Hogwarts, but not out on the Quidditch pitch.
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angelgirlamee writes:
If you read the book carefully enough, you see that they had to wait a while in order to allow "He who must not be named" time to gain strength, as in most of the books. They couldn't have used a quill or anything because of various reasons mentioned in other comments. Voldemart needed enough power to defeat Harry any way, and the wizards' tournament was to make Harry not only an item but to give him the chance to find courage when he fought Voldemart. Also, it allowed for someone else to go with him and something in the story, I'm assuming, for the next book.
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Erin writes:
Yeah they saw Harry disappear, but they did not know who turned the cup into a portkey. If Harry disappeared in Moody's class more then likely they would accuse Moody of doing it!
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SunshineGirl writes:
Portkeys can be used at Hogwarts...Professor Dumbledore made one in The Order of the Phoenix when Mr. Weasley was injured.
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Padma Patil writes:
For the record, portkeys are used inside of Hogwarts. In book five, when Harry witnesses Arthur Weasley bitten by the snake, Dumbledore sends the Weasley children, Harry, and Hermione to Grimmauld by Portkey. And then at the end of the book, Dumbledore makes a portkey out of the head of a statue. That portkey takes Harry directly to Dumbledore's office. Inside Hogwarts.
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No Death writes:
there are many reasons why J.K didn't want Harry to go before. The first reason is that it would make the book boring, I mean the first weeks of school and then BOOM!!! in front of Voldemort? I don't think so. Anyway he needed it to be somewhere clean, safe, no witnesses, and since Ron and Hermione would be waiting for him maybe outside the classroom to let Crouch talk to Harry in private, and he would have touched the Portkey, Ron and Hermione would have noticed and gotten suspicious and went to Dumbledore.
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Zev writes:
The whole point of entering Harry into the tournament was to make his death look like an accident. They needed to get him to Voldemort without creating suspiscion. All this is explained in the book, if read correctly.
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snoopy writes:
But Moody put the cup in the maze, so they would have just as much reason to suspect him after that then if Harry disappeared in his class.
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Lizzie writes:
Well like you said, there wouldn't be much of a book without the tournament, and the author must of had a good excuse for this slip up.
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Zordy writes:
Dennis, If you can't use portkeys on the Hogwarts grounds, how could it be used in the maze? The maze is on the grounds.
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bookworm writes:
We saw in "Chamber of Secrets" (when Tom wrote his name-change in the air with his wand) as well as in various conversations - Voldemart likes the dramatic. The Tri-Wizard Tournament was there, the timing would be right for his returning strength, and his ego would LOVE capturing Harry in the middle of this public event, and yet still keeping his re-appearance a secret.
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Tony Gies writes:
My dictionary has a second definition for pencil: "A feather, generally from a goose, duck or other waterfowl, with a corteche (whatever that is) for writing with at the quill end. See quill."
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Mindy Doll writes:
HOW CAN THIS BE A SLIPUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole book is about Harry and the tournament, if he wasn't entered the book would be the most boring thing in the world. lets just go on thinking that "Moody" was to dumb to think of using a pencil or book or something like that.
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Beka writes:
The reson Moody/Barty did it during the Tri-Wizard Tournament is this: THAT'S WHAT VOLDEMORT TOLD HIM TO DO. The question that should of been asked was why did Voldemort say to do it during the Tri-Wizerd Tournament? The answer is I don't know, but J.K Rowling made him say to do it then so there was a story. There are plenty of things in books that didn't need to happen, but did because of plot, and this is one of them. Happy?
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schooldude56 writes:
Note: It was *not* Moody, it was Barty as Moody.
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Dezrt Storm writes:
That probably would have made it easier, but the book would have completely and utterly sucked if they just did that.
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teenwitch writes:
Simple. To make the book more interesting. And no pencils in the magical world. Quills remember? DUH!
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walto1ja writes:
I think we are missing the point here. If Rawlings had made a portkey out of some sort of school supply, then she would have had to write an entirely different book. The Triwizard tournament was used to establish the fact that there needs to be co-operation among wizards, giants and so on, because Lord Voldemort had regained strength. Also, it illustrates the perils of puberty... how else would she get Ron to be jealous over Hermone??
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T-zone writes:
Well, Hogwarts is enchanted, isn't it? Maybe there's a charm cast to prevent Portkeys inside the castle.
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refreshingmint writes:
I would like to add that the point of the triwizard tournement was so voldemorts return would be secret. Dumbledore tells Harry that he has made a huge difference by alerting the wizarding world to the return of voldemort, now they can prepare.
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Big_Bear_420 writes:
Actually, portkeys CAN be used in the castle. In the fifth book, Dumbledore makes one in his office for Arry to use.
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bex-star writes:
You can use portkeys in the grounds, as dumbledore uses them several times in OOTP to transport harry and the others, it's only apparating that can't be done,
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jennimiki writes:
I agree that this isn't a slip-up, but a questioning of the plot. That said, let's face it: Harry NEEDED to go through the tournament to be able to accomplish so much. How could he have headed the DA, handled horcruxes, or faced the Big Bad himself without all that training?
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PImpernelPippin writes:
Actually, I think Harry Potter and the Pencil Off the Desk would have been a FASCINATING read ... kidding. But would you really have read the book if Harry hadn't been the fourth champion in a tournament that's only supposed to have three champions? I know Harry might have been happier about it, but really, we, the readers, would not have.
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Christopher writes:
Why turn the cup into a portkey and go to all that trouble? Why on earth would you disobey Lord Voldemort, the most evil dark wizard ever? Don't you think that he would punish you for not doing it EXACTLY as he says?
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sutchman writes:
You can't make portkeys without authorization in the wizarding world, so it would have been much less obvious that he did it if it was a cup outside in a maze than a pencil in the classroom. Besides, they don't use pencils, they use quills.
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SeattleMs writes:
OK, I'm not sure if this works, because this is all very confusing to me, but harry wouldn't have to go though the whole tournament. dumbledore could of put harry in charge of Triwizard cup thingy (like taking it out to the field or cleaning it) ignorant to the fact that Crouch *as Moody* had bewitched it beforehand. then, of course, everybody would look to blame dubmledore for Harry's vanishing (because it was a portkey), but who would believe that Dumbledore would do such a thing? would that work? i don't know.... i am probably wrong, so don't yell at me for having a stupid answer. Hehe
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Jewel86 writes:
Moody (the imposter) said he went alone in the maze to put the trophy in the center, so he could turn it into a portkey in private. If a pencil was a portkey, the teachers would protect Harry even more so there would be less of a cchance to get him to Lord Voldemort. And since this was the last task, it helped him get Dumbledore to trust him and make him not suspect him of anything.
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snoopy writes:
What would it matter if people noticed Harry disappear by using a pencil/quill as a portkey, because people noticed Harry disappearing by using the cup in the first place.
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