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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - A Forgotten Bad Wizard
After Harry has met Malfoy for the first time (at Madam Malkin's robe shop in Diagon Alley), Malfoy talks about the Hogwarts houses and Harry is naturally completely mystified. He asks Hagrid about the houses, and when Hagrid gets to Slytherin, he says something like "There wasn't a single witch or wizard who went bad that wasn't in Slytherin." Well, what about Pettigrew? He was definitely a bad wizard, and he was in Gryffindor! The only excuse to this mistake would be that Hagrid, like all other witches and wizards, think that Pettigrew is dead. Well then what about Black? Every witch and wizard thinks that Black was a big supporter of Voldemort! Please let me know what you think.
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Special Requirements: Any version of the first book, and you must have read the third book.
Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Matrix3311 writes:
Actually, In my copy of the book....(1st edition) It says that slytherin has turned out MORE dark witches and wizards than ANY OTHER house.
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Mr. Music writes:
Come on! Hagrid isn't exactly the best talker we've ever heard! I mean, his diction stinks, and he uses double negatives! Why shouldn't he exaggerate a little?
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jmgm401 writes:
Ok people, Hagrid does say that there wasn't a witch or wizard that didn't go bad in Slytherin, but he doesnt say that no one else went bad.
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bren2000 writes:
Ok listen.Hagrid says that every witch and wizard who went bad were in Slytherin.Read his line carefully.But Hagrid didn't know that Pettigrew was bad at the time.So this is not actually a slip-up, because Hagrid is just saying what he thinks he knows.
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Shark writes:
Yes she had written about Sirius in the first book Hagrid says he borrowed the flying motorbike from Sirius Black.
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Kendra writes:
Duh! he said everyone that was in slytherin turned out bad, not the only bad wizards came from slytherin, but you do have a point about hagrid not knowing the truth about pettigrew.
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Monkiki writes:
No.... in my book it says "There's not a single witch or wizard who went bad WHO WASN'T IN SLYTHERIN." Therefor, saying that ever single wizard that was bad, that came from Hogwarts, was in Slytherin. I so think that Hagrid could be exaggerating.
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RonJLow writes:
Not only does Hagrid and the rest of Wizard-dome think Pettigrew is dead, they think he was an innocent victim of Black. Unless perhaps Hagrid knew the truth about Black?
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Unown writes:
Actually you do not know for sure because it never states directly that the Pettigrew filth is in Gryffindor.
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Ash13 writes:
You're right, but the thing is, that when J.K. Rowling wrote that, it was before she had written a single thing about Peter Pettigrew or Sirius Black. Yes, it is a mistake, but maybe Hagrid was exaggerating anyway.
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Whizy writes:
This is simply an EXAGERATION and Hagrid meant it literally, like one would say Oh, I don't want Lima beans AGAIN, we ALWAYS have them for dinner. Of course, you don't ALWAYS have lima beans, it just seems like it.
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Mindy Doll writes:
why in the world would James being hanging out with someone from Slytherin? why would someone from Slytherin care about Luppin being a werewolf? Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, and Wormtail are all from the same house!
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ChaserChick writes:
There isn't a doubt in my mind that Peter started out innocent and well-intentioned. He just made some bad decisions and fell in with a bad crowd, and was given some information that he shouldn't have been trusted with.
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spootay writes:
I actually have a comment to an earlier comment which said that when writing this Ms. Rowling hadn't written anything about Peter or Sirius. I find this hard to believe not because of the fact Sirius was mentioned by Hagrid, but by his name. Sirius, the dog star, and Black. Obviously she used this name to connect him with his Animagus form, a large black dog.
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Lpeachgirl writes:
What are you talking about? THIS IS NOT A SLIP UP!!!! Hagrid doesn't know that Pettigrew is a bad guy!!!!!!!!! Everyone thinks he is a hero and that Sirius is a bad guy. But there is a mistake, NOT regarding Pettigrew, but about Sirius Black. They all thought HE was the bad one and he was in Gryffindor, so there is a slip up in that though.
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JoClaire writes:
I agree not all familiy members go into the same house, look at Pavrati and Padma Patel, one is in Griffindor and another in Hufflepuff. On the other hand I'm sure James Potter was in griffindor, didn't it say somewhere in The Philosophers Stone that he was a seeker for Griffindor? Anyway, just because the Mauraders were friends, does not mean they were all in the same house! As for all bad Wizards coming from Slytherin, im sure Karkoff couldn't have came from Slytherin, he was a foreign wizard!! (I can't remember what country!)
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egg_dude writes:
Come on! I mean, Hagrid isn't exactly the best talker, like in book one, he told Harry, Ron, and Hermione about Nicholas Flamel AND how to get past Fluffy!
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aznskaterchick writes:
Hagrid didn't know about Black being bad or Pettigrew until the 3'rd or fourth book...there's not much to argue here
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Scully writes:
Does it ever actually say that Sirius and everybody were in Gryffindor? I know it's ridiculous to assume that they weren't, but does it ever say which house they were in?
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teenwitch writes:
Petegrew was never considered an evil wizard by the magical scociety. If you remember, he is still thought innocent by everyone except the death eaters, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Lupin, Sirius, Dumbledore, and Voldermort. ~TW
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brynniebabez writes:
Hagrid only said that there was no wizard/with that hadn't gone bad in SLYTHERINE which means they all go bad there. He didn't say no body in any other houses wouldn't be!!
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alecatq writes:
I have heard this one before and i always think the same thing. So What! So there were other bad wizards. There are other wizarding schools and im sure that they don't have the same houses and that there were some bad wizards before Hogwarts. Salazar was bad and since he founded the place he certainly was not a Syltherin which would emply he was a student in the house. Grindiwald or whatever Wizard that was before the most powerful gave no clarification of the house they were in. Every house would have a bad seed now and then.
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sabrefist writes:
Hagrid may have said that but it is not a slip up of J.K Rowling's. Whether it was intentional or not, it is a slip up of Hagrid and not the book or the author. We all know that it meant that the majority of bad wizards and witches came from slytherin or everyone in slytherin turned out bad. It means nothing else.
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KyleFS writes:
About the Sirius bit:- Hagrid means that every bad wizard was in Slytherin(as far as he knows), not that everyone in Slytherin is a bad wizard. Also people often exaggerate or miss out small details. If there was one exception, such as Black as far as everyone knew, he would not bother to say the people who are an exception, he would just generalise and stereotype, which is what most people do naturally.
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Biding_My_Time writes:
Exact quote: "There's not a single with or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin." What you're is true, but not true about Pettigrew. The slipup is that Black went bad, but he wasn't in Slytherin (since everyone thought that Black was a dark wizard). But also don't forget on page 16 of HPatPS, Hagrid says he got the motorbike off Sirius Black. I don't think Hagrid knows that Sirius has gone bad until definitely the third book, when he finds out about Sirius and Harry's parents. There's a thinker :P
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Smashed_Soul writes:
I agree with Kendra. Hagrid only said that everyone in Slytherin turned bad. HE didn't say that those in Slytherin were the ONLY ones to turn bad
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Ash writes:
You are correct in saying the Pettigrew was not yet mentioned. And perhaps Hagrid's not mentioning that Black was evil is foreshadowing that he is not evil.
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korax1214 writes:
This is *most definitely* a mistake on Hagrid's part, not JKR's (i.e. not a slipup). (1) by the time Harry goes to Hogwarts, Black has been in Azkaban for 10 years (framed by Pettigrew, who in the process faked his own death, but that's not known yet) hence is believed to be Dark like the rest of his family (all of whom incidentally went to Slytherin -- Sirius is the only Black to be in Gryffindor); (2) since wizards/witches are worldwide, is it at all likely that of all places in the world, Slytherin House at Hogwarts has a monopoly on Dark wizards? Especially given the reputation of Durmstrang? (OK, Durmstrang isn't revealed until book 4, but JKR plotted the entire series before writing book 1.) Hagrid is clearly being (at least subconsciously) chauvanistic, as many people are, in believing that only British wizards/witches "count".
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jennimiki writes:
Wow! I'm sure a lot of these comments are very old (I'm writing this in April, 2009), but Hagrid's statement, according to the HP Lexicon, is: "There's not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin. You-Know-Who was one." Surely Hagrid was just referring to the majority and was not being incredibly accurate (as someone else stated). He already knew about Sirius at this point, but not Peter (which we find out later was reversed). Let's face it, though - MOST bad Western European wizards used to wear green and silver.
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jazpazzazzx writes:
A lot of people were saying that it never said which house Sirius, Lupin, James and Peter were in. But in the 6th book Slughorn says that he taught Sirius and that all the Blacks went into slytherin but Sirius went into Gryfindor.
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No Death writes:
Think back on the books it states CLEARLY that they were in Gryffindor. I remember, I read the books 7 times. I think she already had an idea about what the other books were going to be about.
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Beka writes:
When Hagrid said this he did not know about Pettigrew.
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darth writes:
ok, so the real question to end all this is anyone finds out, either from the books or from Rawlings what house Sirius Black was in. If hes Gryffindor, its a slip up, officially, (regardless of readers 'supposed assumptions of character motivations', and if hes Slytherin, were all happy, if somewhat more, when does the next one get out?
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charmedgal writes:
Hagrid thinks Pettigrew is dead and he also doesn't find out about Sirius being a supposed supporter of Voldemort until the third book when he escapes.
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Wigginout writes:
Maybe.. Just Maybe... Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, & Prongs Were all in the slytherin house. Think about it, it never states what house they were in. And The Sorting Hat did want to but Harry in Slytherin. Also not every family is like the Weasley's. They don't always go to the same house as their parents. And before it even starts, Not every Slytherin is bad!!!
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SugarFly26 writes:
I know that they talk about Slytherin a lot and I know it says in one book that there wasn't a single witch or wizard went bad that wasn't in slytherin and in a different says slytherin turned out more bad witches and wizards -- Yes, Hagrid probably didn't know about Pettigrew (He sure didn't know about Sirius being good) but also just the mere fact that Rowling probably didn't have all this Pettigrew stuff planned out when she wrote Hagrid saying the aforementioned there wasnt a single witch or wizard..and once a book is published ya can't really go change a detail to make the next books work perfectly...gotta kinda work to the details. Shrug.
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Get it Right writes:
OK, get out The Philosopher's Stone book, turn to page 61, at the bottom of the page it clearly states; Harry: "I bet I'm in Hufflepuff" Hagrid: "Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin, THERE'S NOT A SINGLE WITCH OR WIZARD WHO WENT BAD WHO WASN'T IN SLYTHERIN. YOU-KNOW-WHO WAS ONE." I hope this cleared it all up.
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princess_lia writes:
Doesn't it say somewhere in the books that Harry went into the same house as his father, or something like that? Not exactly sure, just kind of remember reading about something like that, I think. My two cents.
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Lpeachgirl writes:
Hi this is me again. I know I said before that Sirius was in Gryffindor, but it never really did say that. Yeah, Harry's dad and his friends probably all were in the same house. It never actually did say that they were in Gryffindor, it actually never said what house they were in at all. they could have all been in Slytherin so this is not a slip-up at all. I know in the movie on the trophy Hermione shows Harry it says that James Potter was a seeker on the Gryffindor team, but that could be wrong, after all, James was really a Chaser J. K. Rowling said, not a Seeker anyway. But anyway, even if Sirius and Pettigrew were in Gryffindor, remember that this is Hagrid we're talking a bout and not to make fun of him or anything, but he's not exactly the "sharpest tool in the shed."
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Yugi writes:
Just a note to whoever said omething about the Death Eaters _and_ Voldie knowing about Peter: Death Eaters are voldie's supportors. If you say both know the same thing, than vodie isn't a Death Eater. If voldie is not a death eater, than he isn't one of his own supportors. (Weirdness)
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ChaserChick writes:
As has been mentioned, Hagrid is not the best talker, and could be exaggerating when he makes his comment about dark wizards and Slytherin house. I, in my mind, put all four of our Marauders (Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs) into Gryffindor. And someone else on my HP beta list mentioned that about Sirius Black also, if he WAS in Gryffindor. It's awfully easy to forget someone who's been locked away for twelve years, especially if they did something that people would rather forget than remember.
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LitGenius writes:
What he means is that everyone who was in Slytherin turned out to be a bad wizard. No one who was in Slytherin became a good wizard. This is not a slip-up.
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Digital_Sniper writes:
But remember Pettigrew was evil from the begging. It says so in prisoner of azkabam.
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