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Unbreakable - A Breathing Dead Man!
at the end where Bruce is saved by the two girls out of the pool, he goes back up to kill the orange guy, they have a fight and Bruce kills him.
now, when Bruce is freeing the dead woman next to the heating, you can see in that same shot the orange guy laying dead on the floor, BREATHING!!!
(notice his chest going up and down)
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Contributed By: deurmats on 01-12-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Psyche writes:
Um...the guy isn't dead. Willis' character puts him in a choke hold, the 'sleeper' hold to be more precise. This hold cuts off the flow of blood to the brain, and can be fatal if you hold it correctly for too long. But if you hold the blood out of a human brain for 5-10 seconds and no longer, they pass out and remain unconscious without brain damage or death. Since the guy breathes afterwards, obviously he didn't cut off blood for too long.
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Joe writes:
You would be correct about the sleeper-hold, except when he starts to pass out, Bruce Willis breaks the guy's neck twice. If you listen closely, you can hear it.
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eddie writes:
But in the newspaper article afterwards it states that the burglar had been killed. I think it said two dead, three survivors.
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BULLDAWG writes:
it was the two parents who were dead. the man came back to finsh the job with the rest of the family. the father was on the stairs and the mother was dead on the heater.
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tropical_cow writes:
Hey "Wedgie", actors (and normal people) can hold their for much longer times then he had to (a total 20 seconds). Thats what acting is about.
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TLF writes:
I never noticed the guy in the orange suit breathing, but I did notice the father's body breathing and the mother helping Bruce untie her (well, not help, exactly, but she cooperated) despite the fact she was supposed to be dead.
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TheManWho writes:
Right, basically the two people who were dead were the man who we see get killed in the flashback, and the woman when she falls to the side after Bruce Willis unties her hands, why else do you think he looks at her like that?? Anyway, I can understand why you thought the guy should be dead, it did indeed look as if Bruce was breaking his neck three times during the battle, but obviously it was that sleeper thing.
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Wedgie writes:
Doesn't it occur to anyone that the ACTOR who plays the dead guy might not be able to hold his breathe for that long?
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