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Mission Impossible 2 - Having a Hard Time with Chemistry, Anyone?
OK, it is obvious that most people do not like or understand chemistry. But in a movie where science involved that should have been captured by a consultant! Here it goes:
In the very beginning of the movie in a scene in the airplane the bad guys obviously release (I assume) laughing gas from a cylinder into the oxygen masks. So all the passengers who use masks (and the real pilots) fell asleep. (One of the pilots wakes up later and tries to prevent a crash, so they are not dead.) But then before jumping off of the plane the main "bad dude" tells his side-kick to disconnect of "NO2" tank and dump it. Guys, the laughing gas is N2O! NO2 is pretty poisonous and obnoxious - passengers would have noticed NO2 in a second! I had to look at it again with caption - it says NO2 as well!
As a chemist I believe it is a pretty big one!
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Contributed By: sanych on 01-12-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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bigchiefrainintheface writes:
I haven't recently looked at this.. In fact I saw the film once and thought it was a bit pants but from what you are saying they want people to think that Nitrous Oxide with Oxygen as a carrier gas will knock people out. Erm.. no. An opiate such as Fentanyl is required for this to be an adequate general anaesthetic... Otherwise the passengers would feel woosy and have great pain relief but wouldn't actually fall asleep.
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The~Sinister~One writes:
very well spotted... but i don't think it makes much of a big difference to those who are not chemists... i agree though that the creator responsible for this slip-up should have done a little more research!
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Knex Wildfire writes:
Yeah, as a chemist I think that is a bit funny as well but to be honest I didn't really notice when I saw the film. Now you've pointed it out that is gonna bug me *laughs*
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Steve Crow writes:
Good catch. Yes, NO2 is Nitrogen Dioxide - you can read about its effects at
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AnswerToQuestionNumberA writes:
Although that sounds correct, NO2 IS actually used as laughing gas. I was looking up scientific mistakes and although it would seem there is an error, it's different than you say. They would not die, but they would be disoriented. The mistake made is that they would not fall asleep. Hope I was of some help.
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Julius CJ writes:
The gas is "Obnoxious"? I didn't know gases could display personality traits like that. Perhaps you meant "Noxious". I guess I'm nitpicking, but so is getting upset over a misplaced two.
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