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Pokemon: The First Movie - Pokemon Screw Up
First you need to make a mental list of what pokemon the trainers had. Misty, Brock and Ash don't have half of all the pokemon that are cloned. Theres the pidegotto trainer, the Dewgong girl and the Water Gyrados trainer.
1. Watch the movie until mewtwo steals all the Pokemon from the trainers.
2. After Ash slides into the cloning room after Pikachu it shows Team Rocket in the cloning room watching the screen. They will say who's that Pokemon and then they say Alakazam! None of the other trainers had an Alakazm now did they.
If anybody can find any others that aren't shown just add a comment. I know this because every trainer can only carry 6 pokemon at a time and every one has 6 so how can there be a alakazam? Also when they all walk out of the ballroom to fight Mewtwo there's no Alakazam. There has to be an original if theres a clone.
Plus when theres the battle of the clones and the originals there aren't two alakazams
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Special Requirements: The Movie
Contributed By: Evolute on 11-17-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Poketrainer2000 writes:
Why can't you two spell Meowth right(please notice the W instead of the U)?check other sites on the 'net if you don't believe me.
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Chapin writes:
Also notice Pikachu dosent get cloned in time before ASH Saves him, the machine gets messed up, and no Pikachu is Cloned. Also no Pikachu comes out and walks off, yet in the Arena Pikachu is challanged by his clone!
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pikachu-007 writes:
No, Ash did not submit a sample. picatchu did, and the machine if you noticed, was very fast. all that happened is Ash grabbed picakhu befor the machine could spit it out the other way.
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RowdyruffBoy writes:
To Pikachus Master. The only reason the clones fought was because they were commanded by Mewtwo. And the only reason why Meouth's clone didn't want to fight was because it was'nt under Mewtwo's control. It was cloned without Mewtwo's knowledge. If your going to argue about the whole... "but he unshed his claws" thing, one word..... Territorialism.
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pikachu002 writes:
pikachu was cloned, but the machine had not inough time to create a perfect clone. thou slould see theou clones ears, young grasshopper... uh wad i just say?
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Mars Guo writes:
This wasn't really an error. I will tell you my reasoning. Team Rocket is the best, they're the best characters on the show, but with all due respect to the trio, they can't tell a Pokemon's shadow from their own. While they're cool and have interesting tastes in clothes, they're kinda dumb. Did you not notice? And scyther wasn't the only one they didn't identify. They reffered to Sandslash as Sandshrew. But I doubt this was an error--the people at 4kids would have noticed an error as outrageous as that.
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Dragon Lady writes:
I agree that Team Rocket was just being their dumb selves and accidently called Scyther, Alakazam. Don't get me wrong though, I love Team Rocket. I think They're awesome, just a bit dim. Another thing: Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon alive and always will be. *Glares at Trivimaster and smiles at Mars Guo.*
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FrogCow writes:
I noticed this too. The picture that they are looking at is also a picture of a different pokemon than Alakazam (Scyther).
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FrogCow writes:
Also, if Ash was in there almost as long as pikachu, wouldn't he get cloned?
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pikachu-007 writes:
oh, and ash isn't a pokemon either.
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MasterSkull writes:
Going off the subject of Scyther. It was brought up on the Alalazam "slip-up" posted that Pikachu wasn't cloned but all of you seem to have failed to realize that when a pokemon is identified and getting cloned it's silhouette shows up on the screen so there for Pikachu was cloned.
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Gungan Din writes:
You can kiss those days goodbye, Mars. I've been informed that soon all Amnesia will do is raise special defense, not special attack and defense (the two are now two separate categories). >_<
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the webmaster writes:
You guys have gotten off-topic. The Discussion board is a better place for this type of conversation! Thanks!
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hawkeye writes:
yeah, I noticed that too. that's a pretty big slipup.
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pikachu's master writes:
the clones are programed to fight, right? so why didn't meouth (clone) want to fight?
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Gungan Din writes:
Pity Alakazam wasn't in the movie. He would have brought an air of professionalism the movie sadly lacked. I'd love to see Mewtwo get hit with a spoon. By the way, that fat guy owns the Scyther.
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Trivimaster writes:
Did you notice that almost every single Pokemon (at least, the original 151) was in the movie, except for the ones that would actually stand a chance against Mewtwo (like the almighty Alakazam)?
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Mars Guo writes:
Actually, erm, Alakazam was in the movie... he got taken down by mewtwo in one blast... lol! ^_^ Seriously though, a couple Amnesias and my L100 Mewtwo, Apocalypse, can take down an Alakazam of the same experience in two hits from Psychic.
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