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Anastasia - She Will Not Rise Again
At some part Vlad says that Anastasia means "She will rise again". NOT! It doesn't mean anything, since it is just a name. Either Vlad is lying, or writers don't know Russian. This is what it COULD mean with lost of imagination:
Russian : Ana-stasia
Sounds like : Ona-stasi
Serbian : ona stati, stajati, stoji
English : she fit, to stand, stands
to stand
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Contributed By: Mickey on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Jade writes:
What do you mean it's just a name therefore it doesn't mean anything?? All names mean something. My name, Jade, means "a jade stone". My brother's name is Nicholas which means "victory of the people". Even Mickey has a meaning-"who is like God". Anastasia is a Greek name meaning "one who shall rise again". Look it up in baby names book.
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Anastasia writes:
You act as if you know everything. Please remember, the writers research & research their material before printing it. My actual name IS Anastasia, and I, most of all, should know the name is not a derivative of Russian, but Greek, which I am. Its main meaning is resurrection, but it can also mean one who shall rise above others or rise again after defeat. In contradiction to what you state, Vlad is most certainly right in what he states.
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Catalina writes:
all names have meanings...i looked up a baby names web site and the name Anastasia is of Greek origin meaning "resurrection"; so GENERALLY, Anastasia does mean "she will rise again"
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Steph writes:
First of all, you cant determine the meaning of a Russian word by what it sounds like and then find the meaning in ANOTHER language! Second: ANASTASIA: (f) Feminine form of ANASTASIUS. ANASTASIUS: (m) "resurrection" from Greek ana "up" and stasis "standing". Therefore is DOES mean "she will rise again"
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Geca writes:
I too am Greek, and my sister's name is Anastasia. It DOES mean 'to rise again' or 'rebirth' and her name day is on EASTER when Christ 'ROSE from the dead'. Also, please make sure that you know what you're talking about BEFORE you start to complain. ANOTHER POINT! Greeks and Russians are BOTH Orthodox Christians. There is a large GREEK community in RUSSIA. Both ANASTASIA and DEMETRI are both Russian AND Greek names. Watch what you say and think first please!
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annster2 writes:
First of all before you go translating things you have to find their origin. You can't take a name and just translate letters. The name is greek not english maybe that would have somethign to do wiht it. When many peole translate thigns they over look the obvious. Example you can't take a german word and use an english or spanish dictionary to define it.
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Snowflake writes:
I do not beleive this is a slip-up. Some names mean different things in different countries. My name is French, but it means, "leader of the people" in Polish. Anastasia could mean lots of different things around the world.
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AlmostPerfect writes:
I agree. Just because she is Russian, dosn't mean her name has to be. I mean, I am Russian and my name is French. See? Good one, anyway.
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