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King James Bible, 1631 edition - One Word Makes a World of Difference
In the 1631 edition printing of the King James Bible, in Exodus 20:14, a very small word was forgotten by the printers. The word "not". This changed the 7th commandment to say Thou shalt commit adultery! Aaack! I guess that's what the church thought too, because the printers were fined 300 pounds. (a lifetimes wages in those days) Most of the copies were recalled immediately. Only 11 are left today. The few copies that are left are sometimes referred to as "The Wicked Bible". If you want to see the museum's web site, go to
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Special Requirements: Well, it might be hard to see this for yourself, because there are only 11 copies in existence. There is a Bible museum in Branson, Missouri that has it.
Contributed By: Nomi Sunrider on 11-15-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Sask3 writes:
I guess we know which book Clinton has been reading.
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kayobee writes:
Actually, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" *is* the seventh commandment -- in Protestant bibles: it's the sixth commandment in Catholic bibles only, so the number referenced in the slip-up is correct (since the "Wicked Bible" is a Protestant version).
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Amanda writes:
I'm sorry that I should be the first one to point this out. If you are paying attention to what was written, it was stated that the seventh commandment is you shall not commit adultery. The truth is the seventh commandment is "You shall not kill." The SIXTH commandment is "You shall not commit adultery." Since one of the critiria for a slip up free of errors, it's a shame no one has caught this yet.
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Marly writes:
This is in response to Mr Masks comments. The fire that destroyed the largest library in the ancient world was intentionally set by the Roman army in Alexandria, Egypt. Cleopatra(???) cried at the burning of her most beloved treasure. I doubt that we would have had all the answers to the universe, but I believe that that particular fire caused a slow down in the progression of our technology. It could have feasibly set mankind back a thousand years. It was an astronomical loss.
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Jabba the Hutt writes:
I actually live in Missouri near Branson and the Bible is not located there, but in nearby Eureka Springs.
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Rob writes:
Note that the Masoretic texts were found very recently that were approximately 200 years older than the Dead Sea Scrolls and verify the correct transcription of the Old Testament, and that the Greek should not be used, because it was originally written in Hebrew! The Greek text (Septuagint) also confirms correct transcription.
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SpocKirKiRiker writes:
Yes, Shawn, agreed. Over the course of hundreds of years, there's very little doubt that some of the records were lost/strayed/stolen/smudged beyond recognition/deteriorating/etc. To be followed up by numerous mistranslations . . . makes for some funky re-interpretations. Not to offend the religious in the crowd, but the whole concept of being "Born Again" is based on a mistranslation . . . the original word translated as "from above" in every other place it appears in the Bible. Also, the use of the word "Day," in Genesis, is actually "undefined period of time," which makes the whole argument that "Evolution couldn't be true, because it happened in 7 days" sheer bunk. Note, however, that I do have a firm faith in the Bible: as far as it is translated correctly.
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! writes:
The comment written by Elias, happens to be false. The truth is that if anything the battles of Joshua have been proven! Elias, did you realize that archeologists believe that they have found the great walled city of Jericho? And did you know that they believe, judging by the ruins, it was brought down by some great force other than man power? (i.e. earthquake) This would help the Scriptures claim that after days of walking around the grat city, the Israelites shouted and blew their horns and the walls came tumbling down. Also your claim that God changes throughout the Old Testament and therefore disproves the Scriptures is taken way out of context. God does want us all to be with Him (jealous) and God does repay evil doers,(vengful) but he is also a loving God who wants you to understand more of His ways. I am guessing that you so not believe in the God of the Bible. Well I am sorry because "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge" (Proverbs 1) If you do not believe in Him, you will never understand Him. Please visit for all your queries. God bless you.
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Mr. Music writes:
Elias, the Old Testament battles have been archeologically proven AND disproven. We Christians will say they have been proven, others will say that they haven't. We will never know.
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Mr. Masks writes:
yeah, SpocKirKiRiker is right. Much of the old testament was lost when many of the books that WOULD have gone into the bible were destroyed in a fire. I think that the library they were in was in Rome, but I can't quite recall if the fire was accidental or if those books were intentionally destroyed during the persecution of the Christians. Either way, all of the knowledge that was contained in those books was completely lost. Those books could have been that missing link that explained everything we don't know. It could have explained things like Extra Terrestrial Life, given us more insight to the wishes of God, or even helped us to understand why things happen the way they do. But, I believe that God does everything for a reason, and he destroyed those books for reasons only known to him. But I don't know WHY he let that typo go in that book. he he..
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