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Gladiator - Trap Doors?
If you have taken Latin, you learn that their were no trap doors for the animals to jump out of. The Colosseum floor had wooden planks that covered the cages where the animals were held. It also served as the floor that the gladiators fought on. The planks were covered in sand. That's where they get the word ARENA. "are" means sand. They had sand to soak up the blood. Basically what I'm trying to say is that there were no trap doors in the Colosseum.
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Contributed By: ChunkyButt223 on 01-29-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Virago writes:
Actually, the Colloseum -did- have trap doors beneath the sand. The floor was made of wood, as you say, but it was also flooded from time to time to stage sea battles. Trust the history major on this one.
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Originally the collisium only had wooden floors, but as time went on, and the peoples lust for blood and entertainment grew, so did the theatrical aspect of the gladiatorial arena. This meant that they had to amaze the crowd with men and beasts rising from the floor of the collesium. The collesium did have these trap doors and pulley systems when the Emperor Commudas was in power. So it is historically accurate. The movie is also accurate in saying that Commudas actually fought in the arena. But he did not die.
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Caracol D. writes:
It is true that there were trap doors in the Colosseum. Not only that, but in the first years of it, the Romans used to fill the Arena with water, to recreate naval battles.
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Jon Knightf3 writes:
Perhaps you should see the companion DVD for Gladiator. It describes all the trap doors, underground pulleys and rigging, plus the over 200 seaman used to man the ropes.
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C.W writes:
Who cares? Nobody ever said this was a true story. I don't even remember anyone ever saying that it was supposed to be historically accurate. It was a movie that happened to take place in an actual era with events(i.e. gladiators and the Roman empire) that are real. The rest is all movie and not intended to be true. Sorry but this is not a slip-up!!
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Latent writes:
I totally agree with C.W. This is a movie. Meant to be a form of entertainment not a visual history textbook. Slip ups made within the area of entertainment are cool. All the historical accuracy stuff is outside the scope of entertainment.
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