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Full House - A, 2?
On the episode of "Full House" when Michele gets the donkey, watch the part where she just comes in the house with it and is in the kitchen. When Michele's dad imitates Jesse, Jesse says after that "A," and then something else, then "2". Ya' know, it's supposed to be "A,B" or "1,2".
It's kind small, but pretty noticeable.
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Special Requirements: ears
Contributed By: Anonymous on 02-01-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Meg writes:
That might be intentional to make you laugh.
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suzykaye 07 writes:
I think it was intentional, to make people laugh. It means like, when someone is making two points, they either say "A" and make the first point, then "B" and make their second, or they use 1 and 2. In this case, he used both...A and 2.
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KCM writes:
I am baffled...what the heck does "A...B...1...2" mean anyway??
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BlahBlah writes:
No, that's not a mess up because Jesse has always said that throughout the entire show. I've heard it quit a few times. It's just original. I use it myself sometimes.
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Ashlyn writes:
I know a lot of shows and movies that do that...(although I can't think of any specific examples right now).
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BGraper writes:
That was definitely intentional. They did that to be funny. Jesse says that on numerous occasions. One time, he said "A, B, 3, and D"... Hey, it's a comedy!
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Gungan Din writes:
They use the same joke in Home Alone.
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Cassie writes:
Actually, the reason he was saying "A:.............. two:..............." was because he was giving reasons as to why they cannot have the donkey. A lot of people say A, two instead of A, b. So, it's not really a slip-up.
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Carrie writes:
Maybe he was talking in outline know when you use outlines A. blah blah 2. wait no nevermind that wouldn't work either. Shucks he's uncle Jesse let him say what he wants to.
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liz writes:
Someone is listing something (I'm sorry, I forgot who it was) and they say "A. . Two. ". I think it was intentional, too, just to make you laugh.
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EyesOfBeauty writes:
You know how people say (for example) 1. I don't like corn and 2. It doesn't matter what I said I liked anymore.. well in this ep he says "A. blah blah blah" "2. blah blah blah" which he should have said "1" instead of "A" *not literally blah blah...I just dont know what he says exactly*
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