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Dumb And Dumber - Air Bag?
Watch in the scene where Lloyd is driving alongside Mary as she walks through the airport.
He stretches out his hand dramatically to her, and starts to sing, "Good-bye my LOV-"
and he rear-ends a car in front of him. Ha.
His Limo jerks to a stop, and the air-bag inflates in his face. It's very funny. As he tries to push the air-bag out of his face you can see that it is not even attached to the steering wheel. It is just a large balloon that LOOKS like an air-bag. Nice Try. At least they saved money by not actually having to deflate a limosine's air-bag.
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
The Airbag is not connected .. obvious, but still good spot
The Airbag is not connected .. obvious, but still good spot
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Special Requirements: an observant eye
Contributed By: Joe on 11-14-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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angel writes:
I have seen this film so many times I could re-write the script.I have also noticed that this was not a real air-bag because if it was then in a real accident then the person would suffocate because it is so big. I agree with Joe.
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Nick Gill writes:
Of course it isnt gonna be a real air bag, the force of a real one one his face like that could have caused him an accident (a real one could kill a baby). The producers wouldnt have put him in any situation where he may or may not be in any slightest danger.
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Joe writes:
Thank you gus. No, I watched again, and that is not a real airbag. It is a greatly exaggerated version of one, mostly to make the scene funnier. As far as I can tell it's not really connected to the steering wheel.
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Lissa writes:
Obviously, if it was a real one, it would have endangered the lives of an actor, and gawd-forbid, that shouldn't happen. Believe me, they can be dangerous and it would have been hard for him to react in such a funny way if it were a real one.
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Qwigs writes:
Even if it did come out of the wheel, it doesn't mean it was a real airbag. Someone already mentioned that it would deflate...and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look like a plastic garbage bag, either. Real airbags inflate in a blink and then, almost as quickly, deflate so they don't trap the occupant. Fortunately, most of us don't know what it is really like, but movies often make a joke (or drama) about airbags that is based on false assumptions.
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josh027020 writes:
If you watch earlier, the airbag wheel (regular ones have a smaller center) is only in that scene. In the earlier scenes, the car doesn't even have an airbag. This is probably because that year/model of Cadillac didn't have airbags.
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insano(Bum) writes:
Actually when he runs into the car you can see that the wheel is opening and an air bag comes out. So they did waste an airbag, buddy. Nice try though.
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gus writes:
Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of ever using an airbag? It is nothing like the one in the movie. It pops out and deflates almost before you realize what happened. Whatever they did in the movie was funny but not like a real one.
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insano(Bum) writes:
I think that it was a real airbag when it popped out then when they cut to Mary they switched it with a fake one.
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