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Top Gun - Really Inverted?
One of the best parts of the movie is when Maverick and Goose are "keeping up foreign relations" and shooting the MIG 28 pilot a bird. When they show the two planes one and a half meters apart, pause the movie and notice how the letters on the upper plane look like a mirror reflection. Obviously these two planes couldn't fly that close, so they just flipped a shot of one upside-down and combined it with another shot.
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Special Requirements: A copy of the movie, VHS with a still pause or DVD
Contributed By: Brad Barnett on 12-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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eagleeye writes:
To Steve Austins response: Are you really that naive? Even the Blue Angels wouldn't do that crap. One small gust of turbulence and it's all over. The movie simply had to show them that close for comedy effect but no pilots could actually do this.
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Hack Ace writes:
Not only that but the vertical stabilizers (tails) would be in contact with the body of the other plane! In other words, they could never get that close without the tails of each plane hitting the body of the other!
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jmbeachaggie writes:
Whether the tails were side by side or not, they would still hit the bodies of the planes
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Gary Lynch writes:
I really hate this movie, and I started hating it during this scene!! It's not a slipup, but a total insult to the intelligence of the audience. Dire stuff.
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darrellparkhill writes:
I did that one time when I was flying my Cessna 152 over Kennedy Space Center, and I was intercepted by an F-16. I dumped full flaps, pulled the power back to 1100rpm, and rolled inverted over the top of him like 5 feet away and threw up the "Shocker" sign. Then he said over the radio,"I wish I could fly like you! Word up, dawg!". And I rolled out, yanked up the flaps, and put the gas to the sucker and rode out at 2200 rpm and 116 knots, INDICATED. True story; I wrote a song to memorialize it.
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Steve Austin writes:
Actually, the tails wouldn't be a problem. The tails could go side by side.
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Bermarthamew writes:
Then again in the movie they don't look anywhere near 2 meters away, so i think it is obviously an effect
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