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Digimon - Crest?
at the end of the" his master's voice" explaination,kari says "why did I have to be the one with the crest of light".the crests are gone kari!!
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-20-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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@ssKicker writes:
You must have seen the episode where the kids defeated Apocalymon. The Tags just made them BELIEVE that the power was there more easily. The REAL Crests are in their hearts. The Crests are activated by each other and positive emotions and virtues. Therefore, they do not need the physical Crests.
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@ssKicker writes:
Well, I can answer her question: her name is Hikari. Hikari means "light".
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Bibs writes:
In the original version, Izzy only said that losing the Crests would make it HARDER for them to evolve to Ultimate. Any strong power source will work, the Crests just work as an easily transportable power source. We've already seen 3 of the original Digimon that used an alternate power source to evolve (Metal Greymon - Ken's Dark Spiral, Angewomon - the Lighthouse, Magna Angemon - the Holy Stone). Later, we see the rest, as they find yet another new power source.
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Blackheart writes:
I think it has been established that the power of the crest are hidden abilities of the digidestined that were created during the battle in Heightenview Terrace. After the battle with Diaboramon on the net the digidestined were called once again to the Digital World to give the power of the crest to the soveriegns to help them protect the Digital World. If the crest was useless they would probaly still have them. The crest had an additional power that came form the soveriegns when they were created along with the digivice that served as a catalyst for there hidden powers. This power was later given back to the soveriegn and the abilities were pretty much locked away after there key(crest) were given away. When a power that had equal or more power was given they would be able to unlock the hidden power. This does no include the power of the dark spiral that forced Agumon to evolve into a dark stage. The power was given by possibly the dark seed or Myostismon. The Destiny Stone had the power of the soveriegns and was a power eqaul to that of the crest. The light in the Dark Ocean was a single beem that came from the light of Azulongmon the one who origanally gave the powers of the crest of light and the crest of hope. Later on the powers of digivolving to ultimate were given back to the digidestined by Azulongmon. The main powers are dormaint in the digidestined ofcourse and another way of digivolution is channeled when the time it is needed is during a very dire situation. For example in the movie Gatomon and Patamon digivoled to ultimate to unlock the power of golden amor digivolution. This also might be becuase of the fact that Gatomon and Patamon represent the crest of light and hope the same crest that Azulongmon represents. Possibly by channeling throught them he had given them the power of golden armon digivolving.
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Angewomon101 writes:
Actually, the crest is necessary. If you saw the episode when Palidramon digivolved, Izzy mentioned that when they gave up the crest, they gave up a special part of the digimon also.
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Knucklehead writes:
Actually, the PHYSICAL crests are gone, but the powers of the crests are still there, and the kids all still have the qualities the crests represent. So, Kari was perfectly right when she said that.
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Bibs writes:
Actually, if you saw Ep. 27, you'd remember that they sacrificed the Crests to help the Digital World again.
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Bibs writes:
It's because the lighthouse/dark tower/control spire began shooting holy light instead of dark light when they hit it. The light supplied energy for Gatomon to evolve. The Crests aren't NECESSARY to evolve, they just help. If they find a new energy source (such as one of Qinglongmon's DigiCores), they can evolve to Ultimate again. In a recent episode, one of the Holy Stones let Angemon evolve to Ultimate too.
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Pinkachu writes:
That is because Kari and Gatomon's digivolution to angewomon is "his master's voice", both of them is in the world of darkness, not the REAL digital world (as in Ken's Dark ocean.)
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Angewomon101 writes:
Ignore my last comment. Yes, that is weird. That is very confusing about the crests. That does make sense, but then why did Izzy say that they were gone? I remember Patamon (or was is T.K.) that said that they would find away to digivolve again.
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Bibs writes:
No, they don't need the PHYSICAL Crests, they just need the power of the Crests. But the kids gave up the power later on. So now, no Crests. No Ultimates. Yet. But next Saturday, we'll see all the Ultimates again because of the Digicore Gennai gave them. And later, we even see War Greymon again.
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Tigris writes:
Is it just me, or weren't all of the physical crests destroyed by Apoclomon at the end of series one? What crests did they give up, if they didn't have the physical ones to give up. And for that matter, why did they give them up? The protective barrier wasn't very effective was it.
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Angewomon101 writes:
This is a odd question , but do you mean the Japenese version or the American version? And that does sound like a good reason why they digivolve.
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Bibs writes:
She said, "Why DID I have to be..." as in, she HAD it, but doesn't anymore.
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Pinkachu writes:
She mean why does she has to be the one who represent the crest of light.
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Angewomon101 writes:
I have a comment. If the crests are gone, as said in the 27 episode, they made it sound like they were gone forever. If that is so, than how come Angewomon digivolved in " His Masters Voice"? Is it because the digi-egg holds the crest of light?
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Angewomon101 writes:
Thanks. That sounds pretty reasonable. I can't belive I couldn't think of that. One question though, If it wasn't the Digi World, than why where there Scubamon and Airdramon and a control spire there? And why was the control spire shooting dark light? Sorry for all the questions. I'm usually pretty good at this stuff, I guess this one's got me puzzeled.
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Angewomon101 writes:
You know, soon they going to disable comments on this one. You should all go to the discussion board and click on register and fill out the forms.
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