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Aguilera, Christina - Christina? Meet Garth Brooks!
Christina: "Wow, I'm so glad to meet you Mr Brooks. I loved all of your albums!"
Garth: "Oh yeah? Name one song"
Christina: "Umm... uhhh.... ummmm..."
Garth: "That's OK, I can't name any of your songs either."
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Garth Brooks Christina Aguilera
Garth Brooks Christina Aguilera
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Special Requirements: An IQ larger than your shoe size
Contributed By: Kev Mev on 01-26-2001 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Blue_m&m writes:
I don't think that was an actual comment, it sounds too set up and fake.
108 of 124 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
H8ashbry writes:
You can be polite without lying.
94 of 111 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
MandyMoon writes:
I'd like to know where you read/heard/saw this?
69 of 78 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Cissy writes:
It was kind of a tacky thing of Garth to do, putting her on the spot like that, but she shouldn't have told him she loved his albums. I might not know his songs, but I would just tell him I was pleased to meet him and move on instead of lying to him.
57 of 72 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
DarkManuva writes:
She was just trying to be fake and it back fired. It really annoys me when people lie like that, so it serves her right.
46 of 57 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Sarah121 writes:
This is definitely real, I remember seeing it on MTV about a year ago. I cannot believe her! What a phony.
40 of 49 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
teosmots writes:
I think it was really cool what Garth Brooks did, one of the reasons being that I hate Christina so much. I'm not a Garth Brooks fan either, but I love how you can just see the difference of intelligence level in the simplest conversation, such as this one.
48 of 66 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
C writes:
OK, when was this?
26 of 40 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Jessie/Alex writes:
I really can not believe that she said that it just sounds so fake. I don't know anything about Garth Brooks but it just seems like a really rude thing to say, especially if you were on TV.
6 of 9 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Misty Brooks writes:
Garth didnt have to justify anything, it is a natural reaction to say or ask for a fav song? or fav album? it was christina who should have just kept a sock in it to begin with if she was going to lie! Good for her! You is ok to just say 'Hey Garth! Wow, your a successful country superstar!' or something along them lines.. or just come out with the i never really got to listen to your music but it must be great because of how successful you are..
3 of 3 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
rayray68 writes:
Like someone mentioned, it's amazing how you can see the difference in intelligence within a 10 second conversation. It's one thing to NOT tell your Aunt you hate her dress, it's another thing to lie and say you love it if you don't. She deserved what happened to her because she set herself up for a foot in her mouth. Sad thing is, she's probably too stupid to realise she's supposed to be embarrased.
6 of 10 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Matt writes:
I didn't know this happened. If it did, I applaud Garth Brooks! It serves that bimbo right!! She's so fake!! I would've said soemthing like, "I relly like listening to your music. I have to admit, though, that I would have to hear something for you so I could know what it is" -- Or, something like that! I would never lie to a celebrity!!
5 of 8 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
JennieB writes:
Yeah, like all of us have never lied to make someone else feel good. What about your aunt or someone in a nasty pink dotted dress. Of course your not going to tell her is hidious!
21 of 41 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
rayray68 writes:
Get over it Alex, she's an idiot...Go read a book about the entertainment industry, educate yourself, and you might be devestated to to find out that these people piss and sh*t like the rest of us...she's a bimbo, it's a fact, get over it.
7 of 13 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
tweetyluva writes:
Actually i like Garth Brooks and I really couldn't name a song...
5 of 9 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
MorPH writes:
Hey, hey, hey! Leave her alone! Don't you guys know what she went through during her childhood? Watch one of those TV biographies about her life, then see if you can still slag her off >:(
4 of 11 found this helpful. Did you? Yes
Destinknee writes:
We are forgetting one thing. Garth asked the wrong question. Christina said she liked all of his albums, not songs, therefore, Garth should have asked her to name an album. Get the logic?
0 of 4 found this helpful. Did you? Yes

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