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Mummy, The - Canopic Jars
Well, if you play the special features of the DVD menu about Egyptology and read the page for the Canopic Jars, it explains that in the ancient Egypt they used to put the most important organs of the body to be embalmed in FOUR canopic jars. Now play the movie and at 4min 25sec you will see that during the ceremony there are FIVE jars aligned on the altar. Didn't they read anything before writing the screenplay?
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Contributed By: Antonio D'Imperio on 12-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Homer writes:
The other one had peanut butter.
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WastedElement writes:
They were buried with 4 (usually) canopic jars for the 4 major organs lungs-Hapi (baboon) stomach-Duamutefla (jackal) liver-Imseti (human) intestines-Qebehsenuef (falcon) Each head represented one of the heads of the 4 sons Horus. The movie producers probably though the brain or the heart were important organs too and made a canopic jar for them. The movie has an extra canopic jar with the head of what looks like a bear (i think)
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Anpu Lover writes:
Since Anck-Su-Namun betrayed the Pharaoh, I think they put her "black heart" in the 5th canopic jar with the lion's head. Remember, near the end when Imhotep had awaken his mummy priests in the wall, he took that 5th jar and poured the remains of her heart in his hand and blow it on the wall and recited the chant to wake them up.
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EVAN writes:
Maybe there was a strictly female organ that the Egyptians thought was important (ovaries?).
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taydile writes:
There are only supposed to be four canopic jars, no matter who you are. They represent the Four Sons of Horus. The jackal-headed one is Duamutef and holds the stomach. The baboon-head is Hapy and holds the lungs. Imset is the human-headed one that holds the liver. Qebshenef is the hawk-headed one that holds the intestines. There wasn't a lion-headed one, as depicted in the movie. But then again, the two Mummy movies are hardly National Geographic.
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Ezmo writes:
I KNOW! That historical innacuracy ticked me off to no end. Also, when Imhotep blows the powder on the wall to revive the stone priests, just think about it... He's puffing his dead girlfriends dried, ground-up intestines on a wall. Hm. Another note-- that would be very bad news for the princess-- to ressurect one needs one's ENTIRE body....
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jinx2004 writes:
Maybe she just had a really big liver, and they couldn't fit it into one jar.
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Bane writes:
Muh, muh maybe she is just special because she was the pharaoh's 'thing' and all that they decided to embalm an extra of her organs . . . like the spleen or something? Unless that already had a jar reserved.
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Armywolf writes:
Why are you people saying he's blowing out Anuk-sun-amaun's remains to wake the other 2 priests? If I recall, her canopic jars are a creamy color, and the jar he grabbed was GREEN. Plus, it had no head on it.
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Cynicat writes:
They were embalming Dr.Who, maybe?
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KT writes:
Movies aren't always right. They hardly ever are. My advise- don't rely on The Mummy as a source to write your History paper on anicent Egypt!!
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Wagus writes:
Ancient Egyptians believed that the brain was just stuffing, and it was totally useless, so they would not have made a canopic jar for the brain.
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Krunch writes:
When you go 4 minutes and 25 secs into the movies its Imhoteps being baried alive not an-uks. I the I dont know why there is a fifth jar maybe for his man-hood since he was adultering the pharaohs mistress
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Where was the jar with the "Jelly ? " and ,of course, she's going to need a nice drink of milk to go with the Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Am I just getting a bit too silly now? HeeHee.
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