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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Not a Big Bleeder
In the scene where Kendra is murdered by Drusilla, she is killed by having her Cardiac artery severed (or so it seems) and falls to the floor, bleeding profusely. Neither Drusilla nor any of the other vampires present in the library at the time are seen to feed on her after she falls.
However when Buffy arrives a few minutes later, Kendra is laying on the floor with the cut from Drusilla's nail visible on her neck but not a drop of blood can be seen on her hands, clothing, or on the floor around her.
Where'd it all go?
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Special Requirements: Copy of "Becoming, pt.1", basic knowledge of anatomy
Contributed By: Cynicat on 12-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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angela writes:
They couldn't show blood at the time Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the WB. The WB was very strict on Joss Whedon at the time on how much blood and/or gore they could show on the show. The longer Buffy was on the WB the more the WB let them get away with showing more blood and gore on the show.
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Med Chick writes:
First, it's the CAROTID artery, not the cardiac artery. Secondly, depending on timing and the fact that there are so many hungry vampires around, one of the vampires could have drank the blood by then.
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Kathraine writes:
In "Crush" Dru breaks a girl's neck at the Bronze and Spike feeds off her! It can happen!
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Icetopaz writes:
Comparing Buffy to any other vampire myths that are used cannot be done. Joss Whedon set his own rules up for Buffy. Everyone has their own vampire myths. In episodes mentioned above Vamps can eat dead people. Not all myths are used in Buffy.
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duchess_of_buffonia writes:
I think you'll find the only reason Spike drinks only from dead people was because of his chip... he can't hurt humans therefore he can only hurt/drink from *humans* when their *dead*. Thats why he said 'i think i can drink them when their already dead' about Xander.
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breakthemirror writes:
Actually, Spike words it 'eat' rather than 'drink'. In fact, the word 'eat' is used in place of 'drink' several times in the series when vampires refer to human victims. The mention that a vampire dies if it eats a dead person is sort of ironic, considering that while eating/drinking of a victim, that victim will probably die sometime during the actually feeding. Which means there wouldn't be a whole lot of vampires left! lol
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Faith writes:
Stefani, in Buffy world, vampires ARE allowed to drink the blood of a corpse. I mean, does Dracula or Lestat have to "vamp out" when they are about to feed? You are allowed to change the "myths" around a bit.
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103bas writes:
The first comment was correct. In the episode where Kendra first see's Angel and Buffy kissing (at the ice rink), Buffy kills a demon by slicing his neck open w/her ice skate. The commentary says that Joss wanted to have tons of blood spilling out on the ice but the network just wouldn't let him do it.
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103bas writes:
Angel refers to going to the butcher to get blood a few times. Once Buffy even runs into Angel at the butcher. This is obviously blood from dead animals.
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wbgooroo writes:
Well actually vampires can drink blood off the floor, at least according to Anne Rice. Read The Vampire Lestat, but comparing Buffy with Anne Rice is like comparing apples to oranges.
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Nutmeg writes:
(Ref: Stefani) Vampires on Buffy can eat people that are already dead. Many times before vamps have broken people's necks and then feed off of them. Some of Buffy's lore doesn't fallow Dracula or Interview with the Vampire.
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Jenny writes:
You know that the police had already been to the scene because of the yellow tape and how the police arrested Buffy. The police probably cleaned up the blood.
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mari writes:
Remember in that one episode where Xander get sick from falling down a hole or something? This was when Spike had recently escaped from the initiative and was at Gile's home. The scooby gang was going to hunt for something and Xander (as sick as he was) was going to go along. Spike then said something like, "Leave that one, he looks like he's about to drop and I think I can drink them if they're dead." That led me to think that Buffy vamps can drink dead people's blood.
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Stefani writes:
Actually, vampires don't drink dead people, otherwise they die. Watch Interview with a Vampire and Dracula movies. Who knows where the blood went?
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