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Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Magical Reappearing Rod.
At the end of the movie when the T-1000 and Arnie are fighting(when aren't they?)the T-1000 stabs Arnie in the chest with a metal rod and he falls back on to a railing. As he does you can see the rod go flying over the edge, but in the next scene it's back in his chest.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-11-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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AJK writes:
This doesn't happen, at least not in my version. What happens is this: 1. T-101 pries his arm off with rod. 2. T-101 hits T-1000 with rod. 3. T-1000 pulls the rod out of his body and hits T-101 with it. 4. FROM THIS POINT ON, T-1000 NEVER LETS GO OF THE ROD! 5. T-1000 stabs T-101 in the back and moves the rod around a bit (krrrk! krrrk!) 6. T-1000 stabs rod THROUGH T-101. You know what happens from here. No slip-up. At least not as I saw it :)
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k-dog writes:
after that when t-1000 is attacking Sara t-101 slices through t-1000's shoulder with the rod and t-1000 turns around and nails him then the rod goes flying
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bissoux writes:
Actually it does happen. Watch step 3 again. When Arnold pulls the rod out it goes flying over the rail but the next second he he hits the other terminator with it. Watch Carefully.
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Splif writes:
That metal rod is his granade launcher, he dropped it when he got hit. When he came back to life, he pulled the metal pole, discarded it and picked up the granade launcher she dropped.
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Dragon writes:
Would all of you stop saying T-101?! You are all so incredibly stupid! Who is T-101? He didn't exist. I assume you are referring to Arnold, who is the T-800. If you want to use 101, then it's Model 101. Get it straight, he is the T-800. Think about what you are saying. If T-800 is the primitive one compared to the T-1000, then the T-101 must be equal to or lesser than the crappy rubber terminators referred to the club of the first movie. To me the T-101 sounds like a small chunk of metal that only has one arm to drag itself across the floor. <---That is a early form of a terminator.
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