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Back To The Future - Where's the Hair Dryer?
In the scene where Marty tries to scare George into asking Loraine to the dance by dressing up as a space man from the planet "Vulcan", you'll notice that Marty has a hair dryer tucked in his belt, but when the camera cuts away then back to Marty, you'll see that the hair dryer is gone...It switches back and forth a few times. This also brings up another question, "How did Marty get a hair dryer? because in 1955, there were no hair dryers." Well, the answer is simple. There was a scene that was cut out that shows Doc packing a suit case with items he may need if he traveled through time. Doc, in 1955, looks at the hair dryer and says "What's this contraption?" Marty replies, "It's a hair dryer", Doc snips "Why would someone need a hair dryer? Aren't there towels in the future?" The proof to this is on the video "Secrets of the Back To The Future Trilogy"
---==David K==---
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Special Requirements: Back To The Future, the home video
Contributed By: ---==David K==--- on 11-07-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mr.EmittMcFly writes:
In an edited scene it shows Doc unpacking a packed suitcase from 1985 that includes a hair dryer, pairs of cotton underwear, and a playboy.
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Marty McFly, Time Traveller writes:
Now that's what I call a Slip-up! Actually, you may need the DVD version of the movie to see it. The filmmakers had extra footage for the "Darth Vader" scene wherein Marty moves the hair dryer that was eventually cut (deleted). Screenwriter/Producer Bob Gale acknowledges this in the deleted scene commentary. The extra footage also included Marty telling George that if he didn't take Lorraine out to the dance, he'd melt his brain. As you may already know, George tells Marty in the next scene following the "Darth Vader" scene the same thing when Marty already knows about it (unbeknowst to George) Bob Gale also stated that he had a tendency to overwrite in the script. They deleted the extra footage because when you're making a movie, you just can't have the same idea TWICE (Bob Gale acknowledged this also.). If you want to learn more, watch the deleted scene commentary with Bob Gale about the extended version of the "Darth Vader" sequence (provided you have the DVD).
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Cygnus X1 writes:
If you have the back to future triolgy and watch the deleted scence this can be explaind there is a scene cut out of the doc brown of 1955 going through the bags packed by the doc brown of 1985 and it is there. if you listen to the part before the libbians come for doc brow he does mention is luggage in you can see him put it in the time machine.
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The raison writes:
Great slip up! they should have kept the bit in about "towels" and then it would make sense! I have the dvd too and i will hearby state that i have seen that deleted scene!
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yzfr1 writes:
Actually if you look closely, his hand is on the dryer and it is pusing the dryer back almost behind his hip and when he takes it off he is moving it back forward. maybe he is doing this to Show that he has this weapon and that he is just letting george know it is there, so he keeps a hand on it, kinda like when the seriffs come in in old movies and they got a hand on their gun, to show their superiority. But anyways it is there, just look.
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