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Gladiator - Hold That Snake!
One of the senators is assassinated with a coral snake. Coral snakes are only found on the American continent.
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Contributed By: Steve Crow on 12-04-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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avoidant writes:
Actually, it wasn't a coral snake that was placed on the sleeping senator. It was a king snake. I'm sure you have heard the old rhyme (when referring to the bands of color on the snake): "red next to black is a friend of Jack; red next to yellow will kill a fellow." The snake had bands that went: red, black, yellow, black, red. Red next to black - non poisonous king snake.
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Fuzzy writes:
actually, this is not true. There are Asian and African varieties of the coral snake.
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Latent writes:
The snake thing, I mean Coral and King snakes are close enough so that we know what was meant. Lets face it, it's a lot more practical to use a King snake than to get a real devenomed Coral snake (if thats possible). I love this site but things like the guy with the jeans and the cell phone are what I love to see. Visual or verbal non-technical slip ups. No offense intended to anyone.
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astronomyfreak writes:
This is probably one of the most common mistakes movies make...the colors on a snake tell if it's poisonous or touch black-venom lack=scarlet king touch yellow, kill a fellow=coral snake...that snake was obviously a scarlet king snake.
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RichieRich writes:
When did this assignation even take place?
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juicepc writes:
The so called "Coral Snake" is not a coral snake at all. Why risk having the actor bitten. If you look closely at the banding and remember a little rhyme. Red and Yellow will kill a fellow. This snake is only a harmless Mexican "Milk" snake. (Lampropeltis triangulum annulata)
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Mr. Masks writes:
gosh, THANK YOU Latent! Geeze, I like this site too, but I think we're being TOO picky here. This is a MOVIE and these are PERFORMERS! I want to be an actor some day, but I'm pretty sure that it's safe to say that I don't want a venomous snake in a bed with me.
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Steve Crow writes:
I'm not sure what you mean by "varieties". However, the basic variety coral snake is, by most sources, native only to the Americas. Do a net search sometime if you don't believe me. :)
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Liss writes:
I know I know I have already said this previously. But my god man stop being so judgemental of this movie, every slip up written in is from you. Its Hollywood there are going to be mistakes! So what if the snake is wrong, most people watching the movie wouldnt know that, I for one havent noticed any of the errors you brought up. But dont we all agree that its a fabulous movie?
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