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Office Space - DOS Prompt
Watch as the main character works on his computer right before the end of the work day. The graphics are obviously from a Mac OS but when he shuts down the computer it goes to a DOS prompt! Sorry, DOS is a PC software, not Mac. They are not running a Windows emulator on a Mac because he is shutting down the system, not opening a program (like a Windows emulator that is widely available).
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-01-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Wysz writes:
I agree with "kurq" on this one, it seems pretty obvious that the hybrid interface is on purpose, to create a generic interface that everyone can relate to, just like Initech is just a generic tech company.
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kurq writes:
We noticed the use of the "hybrid" computers in the movie as well. We just thought it was a nice way to not make the machines either Windows, Mac, or anything else.
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Gamechaser001 writes:
I guess eric3781 has been away from DOS for a little too long, as if he used DOS on a regular basis, he would know that C:> is a pretty common prompt on earlier versions of MS-DOS (and other versions of DOS), and that C:\> is pretty much the standard custom prompt, and that in order to have C:\> as your prompt, your must have the line "prompt $p$g" in your autoexec.bat file, otherwise, if you delete "prompt $p$g" from your autoexec.bat file, it will display as C:>, I have messed around with DOS myself and figured that out after messing around with my autoexec.bat file, the "\" part of the prompt is the directory/sub directory trail, sometimes it can get too long for some people so they change the prompt setting from C:\> to C:>, and in some cases, it's not even required
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C.Y. writes:
I know what you're talking about,wysz and the other dude (hehehe). I gotta post this, but I'm a Mac user, so I know this stuff. In Flubber, Robin Williams uses a Mac Classic for all his scientific crap (Why he would be is a mystery to me, that thing is a dinosaur) and it has a color monitor. In real life, the default Classic monitor is a grayscale monitor, considering its from like 1991 or so.
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eric3781 writes:
Also, in Office Space, when the computer goes down to the DOS prompt it says "C:>". A correct DOS prompt would say "C:\>"
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matt311 writes:
Actually, you can change the DOS prompt to just about anything you want, including: Whizz_C:> C:\> C:> C>
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Scolman writes:
Two other things to watch out for: 1. To access his hard drive and floppy drive, he types C: and A: respectively. These are PC terms, not Mac. If he was trying to access his HDD, he should have typed his HDD name, but 2. Why was he typing at all? Mac OS is a iconic interface, not command line driven like DOS.
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