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UHF - Pick a Hand
In the often forgotten "Weird Al" movie, UHF, check out the opening "Indiana Jones" sequence. One of the guides pulls a gun on Al, and the gun is in his left hand. Al turns and bullwhips his arm before a shot can be fired, severing his arm. Oddly enough, when the arm in shown falling to the ground it is the man's right hand.
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Contributed By: DarkImage on 11-04-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Ray writes:
Not David Bowie, David Bowe. Completely different person.
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Ray writes:
No, this was an actual mistake. Weird Al admits it. See
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Yes, I noticed that too. On Al's website he commented that they had already shot the scean with the guy who's arm had fallen off. When they recieved the prosthetic arm it was the wrong one! The actor who played that role had already left, so what are you going to do? They shot the scean anyway, thinking hey, no-one is going to notice this twenty years from now... And by the way, If you haven't seen this movie I suggest you go out and rent it right now. It really is a must see! No where else will "Weird Al", Michael Richards (yes, he's the guy who plays Kramer on Sinefeild) David Bowie, and Fran Dreshire (She is on "The Nanny) Probably ever get together again for so great a show!
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Gydea writes:
Yeah, Weird Al says on the DVD commentary that alot of the props were a bit messed up, but the shooting schedule was rushed so there was no time (or money!) to get new ones. I actually didn't notice this until Weird Al pointed it out, but that just means I'm unobservant, I guess.
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moviechic writes:
I never noticed that. But now that I am thinking about it, maybe it was supposed to be like that. After all, this is a slapstick comedy. And most slap-sticks have stupid errors in them on purpose. Because they are cheesy movies. But this movie is GREAT!
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