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Whose Line is it, Anyway? (US) - I Didn't Win Anything?
At the beginning of each show Drew Carey says points will be distributed. "The winner will do something special with me (Drew Carey) while the loser gets to [insert gag here]."
At the end of the show a ho-down is usually done. But if you notice the "winner" gets to sit at Drew's desk while the "loser(s)" get to do something with Drew.
Apparently the winner gets to watch while the losers do something with Drew.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Rachel writes:
I got the impression that sitting out was the reward.
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Pikachuman2ooo writes:
On the episode on the 4/5/01, Drew said the three guys were the winners and the loser sat at Drew's desk. :)
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Skippy writes:
It's almost becoming a joke in itself now that the winner doesn't play the last game. Okay, for Hoedowns, they could be seen as punishment for the losers. But when one player 'wins', sits down at the desk while Drew plays with two of the other contestants? Would it be that hard to make them the winners? As for the improv thing, they've always known which games are going to be played, partly because they have to make sure they understand the rules, and partly so they can rehearse with camera positions etc. (in Film Dub they even see a selection of possible footage beforehand). But the scenes, suggestions and styles are all improvised.
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wlkrazy writes:
Before each taping, the contestants are told which games they are going to play at that taping. This is so the contestants know where to stand and the cameramen know where to place their cameras to get the best shot. Never fear, it is all totally improvised.
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MrKitty writes:
You do realize that the something special is after the show(most people assume it is something naughty :D).
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butterfly39 writes:
I have to agree with MrKitty. I think it is intended to be a joke that the winner gets to do something with Drew after the show. He even jokes in one of the episodes that it's up to the network whether or not they show it on air.
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Zelda writes:
Maybe you forgot...THE POINTS MEAN NOTING! Why'd you include something about the points when he always says "The points are about as useful/ important as [isert useless or unimportant thing here]" ...Just thought I'd let you know...
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wlkrazy writes:
I don't think that the show seems like it is losing it's spontinaety, probably because I KNOW it is totally made up, if you have doubts, you should go to one of the tapings... I bet you you'll change your mind
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fallenangel10 writes:
The reason the "winners" sit at drew's desk is cuz they didn't actually win. The real winners do something with him as he states at the beginning of the show. I guess he just doesn't want the "loser" to feel bad.
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Magenta123 writes:
It seems that in more recent (or shown recently) US "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Drew has been saying that the winner gets to sit out when the losers have to do something with him, or it could be my imagination. Once and a while I am sure he has said it, though.
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Sara Jo writes:
You're half-right, Jack. The British version and the first season of Whose Line is all completely improv. But now, before each show, they tell the players which sketches they'll be doing. They don't tell them which part they have. For example, they're told that they're going to do "Party Quirks" beforehand, but they have no clue whose doing what. I'm not sure why they started this, but it does ruin the spontaneity!!
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PepsiOne writes:
I have noticed that the winner usually gets to pick if he does anything at the end or not.
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jmarty2 writes:
I have noticed this too. It doesn't always happen that way, but yes, the "winner" does usually just sit at drew's desk. ooops!
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Diablo writes:
How is this a slip-up? It's not. The "winner" of the game is left out because he or she is the least talented one to preform the 'what-ever the losers have to do'. And it's all scripted...
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Jack writes:
Sorry for changing the subject, but does it seem like the new whos line is it anyways series acted out because i found the old ones to be much funnier and unpredictable. Sorry again for changing the subject.
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