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Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace - Queen Is Qui-Gon Jinn (Editing)
This happens very quickly so you might have to watch it a couple of times. When Anakin takes the Queen/Padme, Qui Gon, and Jar Jar to his house for the first time they meet Mrs. Skywalker. If you look closely when Qui-Gon introduces himself to Shmi Skywalker, Natalie Portman mouthes his lines. She mouthes "I'm Qui-Gon Jinn" Editing screw-up. You might have to watch it a couple times to see it. But the camera angle is perfect because Liam Neeson is being cut off and Portman has the center of the frame.
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Contributed By: TJ on 11-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Mind Spread writes:
Anyone who thinks Padmé and Queen Amidala are 2 different people need to go here: here's what it says at the official Star Wars website: Born Padmé Naberrie, Queen Amidala was the formal name of the royal leader of Naboo. Elected just months prior to the Trade Federation invasion of the peaceful world, Amidala was prodigiously talented and extremely well-trained for a girl of 14 years. During the siege of Naboo, the scheming Neimoidians tried to force the strong-willed Amidala to sign a treaty that would legitimize a brazenly illegal occupation. Amidala refused, and was sentenced to a prison camp. En route to incarceration, Amidala was freed by Jedi ambassadors, who took the Queen and part of her retinue to Coruscant, to plead her case before the senate with the help of Naboo's galactic representative, Senator Palpatine. On Coruscant, Amidala learned of the inefficiencies of galactic politics, watching as Trade Federation political maneuvering stalemated her plea. Following advice from Senator Palpatine, Amidala called for a Vote of No Confidence in Supreme Chancellor Valorum. Fed up with the senate, Amidala returned to Naboo. She requested aid from the native Gungans in freeing her captured capital. During the Battle of Naboo, Amidala infiltrated her own palace, and forced Neimoidian Viceroy Nute Gunray to end the occupation. The cowardly Neimoidians, having their armies defeated, capitulated and freedom was brought back to Naboo. While Queen Amidala was the ruler of Naboo she had a large staff of advisors and aides that handled the day-to-day affairs. Sio Bibble, for instance, was Naboo's governor. Captain Panaka was Amidala's loyal bodyguard and head of security. Ric Olié was the pilot of the Queen's gleaming Royal Starship and leader of Bravo Flight. Perhaps most important in Amidala's entourage were her five handmaidens. Saché, Yané, Rabé, Sabé and Eirtaé not only helped the Queen with her intricate gowns, hairstyles and make-up, but they were also trained in self defense. When in danger, Queen Amidala disguised herself as one of her handmaidens, and adopted her less formal name of Padmé. When disguised as Padmé, Sabé assumed the role of Queen in her place.
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Elvindiva writes:
Wombat has a point. Pyro isn't clear. I think Pyro might have a point but I'm not sure what's he's saying. Spasman has 2 points: The handmaidens were indeed picked because they look like the Queen. It is part of her strategy of defense. It is Amidala who created the concept of the makeup, elaborate dress and accent to hide her natural voice and face. All the handmaidens are the queen's bodyguards and ANY one of the handmaidens may step in and impersonate the queen. This is so no one knows who the real queen is. At the time they confront the Gungams, Sabe is the decoy (point #2). Since the Queen does not keep all the handmaidens with her at all times, counting heads won't help. This also allows the illusion that there are more handmaidens then there really are. "Padme" is the name the queen uses when SHE impersonates a handmaiden as one of her handmaidens impersonates her. It is set up to confuse people into thinking there is a real person by the name of Padme. Hence the increase number of handmaidens that do not exist. Otherwise the deception does not work. The queen uses her strategy at all times even when there isn't a need for her to hide. This strengthens her deception. Face it, who wants to speak with an unnatural accent all the time. And what 14 year old girl wants all the stress and problems of being Queen weighing down on her at all times. Even cleaning a droid looks pretty good compared to that. This came from Lucas Limited. It is also stated in the book. and Nanaki has 1 point. Yes, you are taking this too seriously.
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Amy writes:
Yes, Padme and Amidala ARE the same person. During times of danger, the queen removes make-up, cossies etc, and a handmaiden takes over. They communicate with each other secretly so the fake queen knows what to do. (Padme is her middle name.) If anyone wants a full explanation, I am perfectly willing to give one. Trust me, I know exactly what I'm talking about on this.
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Kezza07 writes:
As probably mentioned before, Padme (Natalie Portman) is Amidala. She uses this identity when she feels she is in danger. Then she uses her handmaiden Sabe (Keira Knightley) as a decoy and they use signals only they know so Amidala can tell Sabe what to do.
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
Another slip-up of this nature was posted above, with Liam Neeson mouthing the lines 'I'm building a droid' for the actor playing Anakin. I didn't believe that slip-up much at first, but now that you posted this one which occurs in the same scene, but at a different time, I am starting to see things differently. I really need to see the film again.
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spasman writes:
1) The handmaidens are chosen BECAUSE they look like the queen. 2) Read the novel. The stand-up queen is someone named Sabe.
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Tony Gies writes:
1) I agree that the queen is the same as Padme. She SAYS so later in the movie, fergoonisssake! 2) She IS disguising her voice. I am 12, and can make myself sound VERY old. I can also sound EXACTLY like: A: Sean Connery B: "Ed" of the Cartoon Network show "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" C: a 20-year old man D: Blind Lemon Johnson E: etc. I can also mimic the speech style of Garrison Keillor (of The Prarie Home Companion and The News From Lake Wobegon on NPR). I can also copy his singing voice EXACTLY.
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Megam writes:
Padme is Queen Amidale. She uses Padme as a defense mechanism and intelligence too. She explains it in detail at the end of the movie.
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Terra Hashiba writes:
Excuse me, but wasn't Queen Amidala the same person as Padme? Queen Amidala was posing as Padme...
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Wombat writes:
Pyro, what makes you think that the Queen can't fake an accent to match her identity?
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Flutiechu writes:
Pyro, I am afraid that I am going to have to agree with Wombat on this one. Actors and actresses can disguise their voices, thats why they make big money. For instance Mel Gibson does a great Irish accent in Braveheart Lucy Lawless (Xena) was born and raised in Austrailia and has to practice saying her lines with out her accent. And if you don't believe me there is a very informational children's book called I Am Queen by Amidala it will explain all about the queen and her handmaiden in terms you can understand.LL:)
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Wombat writes:
YES! YOU'RE RIGHT! "Padme", and "Queen Amidala" ARE in two different locations at some points in the movie. However, this is because the queen is in disguise as Padme and her bodyguard is filling in for her as the queen. This is possible because the "queen" is so well masked in her makeup and hairdos. However..... I believe what you are saying is that there is a ReAl Padme and that Amidala and she simply swapped clothes occasionally and no one was the wiser (If this isn't what you're getting at, please clear things up for me). The problem with that is quite blatant(and does not relate to speech technicalities in any way, thank goodness). For the Queen to pass as another, "Real Padme", the two would have to be nearly if not completely identical! If you do not understand what I'm trying to say, or can explain how your idea is *possible* ( because that simple fact is all that really matters), please let me know. I'm not asking about accents or any other proof, just a simple explanation of how your concept is possible. Thanks.
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Josh Combs writes:
Well, well some confusion about Padme and the Queen. I have to say that Pyro does not pay attention very well. At the end of the movie Padme admits in front of everyone that she is the queen, at which Qui-gon and Obi wan give each other a look as if they knew all along, then Anakin gives a confused look, much like Pyro's must look like on a daily bases. It was very obvious to me that Padme was the queen while her hand maiden "imitated" the queen for the her protection. If you noticed all the scenes in which the fake queen was shown she doesn't speak. Only when the real queen is shown does she actually say anything. Also another clue was when Padme told Qui-Gon that he is making a mistake, (before the pod race) He tells her, "The queen trusts my judgment, so should you." She answers back, "You assume too much." As if she really knew how the queen felt, well she did know, she is the queen.
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Dylki writes:
Have any of you fools seen the new ones? Padme is Queen Amidala. When she is dressed as the Queen she has a powerful voice. Watch the senate meeting in the deleted scenes from AOTC. Now watch scenes were she is not all dress up. She sounds like a normal person. Sabe is a decoy and a handmaiden. Padme's handmadiens are all decoys. Here look at this thing about Sabe. and FYI Sabe is played by Keira Knightley because she looks like Nat.
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Darth Iya writes:
Ok, now I am slightly confused on the nature of this talking here. Are you argring whether there are two different actors or whether there a Queen and a handmaid character in the movie? If you are arguing whether there are two different actors, well, news flash, there is. Natalie Portman plays the Queen when she in her fancy dress and some other times (I can't name them all). After doing some internet research I have found that the official site doesn't tell this, and everywhere else is unsure if Natalie Portman is the only actress to play in these two parts. My theory is that she isn't. I saw in a TV guide (not the most dependable I admit) an ad for a show airing a while ago. It was one of those girl saves world and destroys all enemys shows that takes place in ancient times. You know, Xena type things. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the actress. But the picture showed a girl waving a stick around and the caption said: "Someone Someone(insert name here), who played the Queen Amidala's handmaid in Star Wars: Episode One, is now back as a butt-kicking heroine of the screen." That's all the proof I have. And part of my theory is based on opinion alone.
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Moocher King writes:
Okay, let me clear this up. Padme Naberrie was born. At age 14 she became the ruler of Naboo and took on the name Queen Amidala. To protect herself, she had her handmaiden Sabe impersonate her from time to time and she took on her birth name Padme.
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GreenThing writes:
If you had watched the movie carefully, you would know that the queen is only a double. So the voice should be different.
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Hack Ace writes:
Mrs. Skywalker? I don't believe there is a Mr. Skywalker as Anakin is of virgin birth.
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Wombat writes:
In response to Anakin being of virgin birth, that is open to interpretation. She says some thing like "There was no father" but continues by saying "I carried him, I gave birth,I raised him..." This could be inferred to mean that the father was never around once Shmi found out she was pregnant with little Ani.
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Wombat writes:
It is Queen Amidala the ENTIRE time they are on Tatooine. There isn't a real Padme. She is only a pseudonym for Amidala. For there to be a handmaid, Padme, that switched places with her, she and the Queen would have to be twins.
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Wombat writes:
Anyone can disguise their voice in some way. You are being ridiculous. If YOU were hiding from enemy troops, I bet you would do a little more than dress down to hide your identity. If not, I'm afraid you can't be helped.
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Nanaki writes:
A couple things: 1) People are taking this way too personally. 2) If you think Padme and Queen Amidala are the same you're a moron. I think it's cleared up when the fake queen is asking the king of the Gungans for help and the real Queen steps up and starts talking. Duh? As for on Tatooine, it was the real Queen in the city I'm sure. She probably just dressed down to go into the city. Her disguise was hardly necessary until she was back on Naboo.
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toyoka writes:
How did this conversation turn from someone mouthing someone else's lines, turn into weither Padme and Amidalla are the same person? Which they are. Why else would Padme admit to being Amidalla to Boss Nass? And in case you didn't notice, the two are played by the same person who can (dare I say it?) change her accent! My guess the Double for Padme is a clone who fills in if there's a chance of danger. Look at the scene where she's at the senate, her face shows she's scared which means it's the real queen (Padme) because it isn't a trait of the double. Which makes sense seeing how Episode 2 is going to be about the Clone Wars. DUH!
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Pyro writes:
As I said, there are several scenes where Queen Amidala and Padmé are clearly in two different locations. (If they are the same person, that is impossible even with Star Wars technology.) In at least one of those scenes, it would not be necessary for Padmé to be impersonated by another handmaiden. You're right about Padmé not wanting to speak with an unnatural accent all the time. However, Queen Amidala would also not want to speak WITHOUT her NATURAL accent. btw: I only hold the movies as actual lineage, so I don't care about the novel. btw: There's no "m" in "Gungan".
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Pyro writes:
Wombat, what makes YOU think she CAN?
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Pyro writes:
That was Padmé, not Queen Amidala. If they had switched places, she would have the Queen's accent.
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Pyro writes:
Yes, there IS a real Padmé! You can tell because the Queen has an accent, and Padmé does not!
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Pyro writes:
1) She wouldn't have to disguise her voice. If she wanted to sound like Padmé, they could just switch places. (But they never did.) 2) Queen Amidala and Padmé are NOT the same character. In some scenes, they are clearly in two different locations. 3) In most books that claim to have been written by someone who obviously doesn't exist, there is information about who REALLY wrote the book that can generally be found on the inside of the front cover.
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Pyro writes:
1) WHAT??!? You actually think that Queen Amidala is Padmé?! I strongly disagree. 2) What do Sean Connery and Garrison Keillor have to do with this debate? 3) Queen Amidala and Padmé are NOT the same person. Nor did they ever switch places and/or talk in unnatural voices. 4) Sabé NEVER impersonated Queen Amidala.
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