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Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - Angels Reflection
In 'Graduation Day Part 2', Angel drains Buffy's blood and takes her to the hospital. While she is in a bed recovering and Angel is making a call in the hallway, the Mayor walks in and tries to suffocate Buffy with his hand. Angel rushes in to rescue her and you can clearly see his reflection in the hospital window! Vampires aren't supposed to have reflections!
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Special Requirements: Buffy Season 3
Contributed By: Phoenix on 11-27-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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dark_angel writes:
I say - even tho Angels reflection is a bit of a mistake it means we get to see the him from 2 gorgeous angles! - Wheres the bad here?
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barnaby writes:
In the bit earlier you can see his reflection on the shiny surface of the phone he uses. I'm sure his reflection is in Buffy many times, it's hard to avoid and they do well to only catch it the number of times they do.
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Cynicat writes:
Another one: when Angelus kills Jenny Calender you can see him reflected in the glass window behind them.
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Raistlin89 writes:
Vampire reflexions are going to be impossible to catch all the time and run rampent in the show after Angel gets his soal back. For the editors and CGI people it would take countless hours to eliminate everyone. "Innocence," is the first episode I noticed this in and can be seen twice: Once in the hall way when Angel first tries to kill Willow in the school (time reference 19m:02) and the most obvious is the mall scene after the Judge is blown up and Drucilla picks herself off the floor. Her reflextion is clearly seen in the brushed metal of the candy counter behind her.
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Willow Wannabe writes:
If Angel having a soul creates a reflection then why didn't Buffy see him in her mirror when she checked for "the aspect of the demon" in Earshot. He also makes a reference to this in Earshot when he says reading his mind is impossible. "It's like the mirror. The thoughts are there, but they cast no reflection in you."
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nhdragon writes:
Ok, you do see Angels reflection, but, remember, the reason that vampires don't cast reflections is that they have no soul. Angel has a soul, so he should cast a reflection.
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homers71 writes:
the whole reflection thing goes back to the original vampire myth , when mirrors were backed with SILVER , hence they could cast a reflection in a mirror .. .thats they way i understood it , so they would in glass etc
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Black Vixen writes:
I think that it is hard to remove his reflection and they didn't think it would matter if his reflection was in the window.
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Anikathepen writes:
Angel wouldn't reflect because he has a soul - In "Ground State" Angel sneaks up on Gwen whilst she is applying her lipsticl in the mirror... he is invisible in the mirror, he casts no reflection. Gwen turns to look at him then checks the mirror again. He still has no reflection to which Gwen comments "Ok, after I kick your ass i'm going to ask about that."
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