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Lion King, The - Eye See
Did anybody notice how Simba's mother had blue eyes at the beginning of the film, blue eyes at the end, but her eyes changed to green for quite some time in the middle?
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
here her eyes are blue (not fighting) here her eyes are green (fighting)
here her eyes are blue (not fighting) here her eyes are green (fighting)
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Special Requirements: You need a video, a player and some eyes
Contributed By: Elliot Melloy on 11-26-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Fennec writes:
Whoever posted this slipup, I think you don't know much about The Lion King or made a mistake there somewhere... Simba's mother is Sarabi, she has reddish eyes clearly whenever she is shown... You might be thinking of Nala (for some reason, though she isn't Simba's mother of course), her eyes I'm not sure about, they seem to switch between blue and green sometimes... And then there's Nala's mother who was Sarafina (though her name isn't mentioned in the movie itself), she had blue or green eyes I think, but she was only in one scene really.. :p
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amber writes:
Simba's mum (Sarabi) has red eyes. Plain as day through the WHOLE movie.
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nightboy42 writes:
Also in the end of The lion king two, Kovu's eyes turn blue (from green at the beginning. I'm starting to see a pattern. Each change of eye color is the resolution of a moral issue (belonging or love). hope this also helps
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nightboy42 writes:
I think you will find that Nala's eyes are green when she is not with "Simba" and blue if she is. I noticed this in the 3rd time of watching the film. don't believe me? watch it again. I hope this helped... Remember blue when she is with him. apart from when they meet (when "Simba" grows up ) this is when it became most apparent to me, when she realizes who he is he eyes turn blue again (they were green in the fight). see it all makes sense. sorry. it's not a slip-up it was made that way. (something to do with love and the way she feels for him.) thank you.
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Knex Wildfire writes:
No actually, Nala eyes are blue in the LK2, this is quite clearly seen at the beginning when they present Kiara to the animals and again when they rescue her from Zira. Not to mention when Nala pushes Simba over and we see Nala from Simbas point of view, her eyes are quite clearly blue.
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SunScout2000 writes:
The same as Nala's eyes...they were blue in LK1, but green in LK2.
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Gabrielle de Lioncourt writes:
maybe it's a natural thing- cats are born with blue eyes, then they change to yellow or green. maybe their eyes changed with age. hmmm...
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dude_of_meh writes:
Actually they were green in LK1 and blue in LK2
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