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Matrix, The - Columns Fix Themselves
After Neo and Trinity have shot up the guards in the building, you can see all of the columns are ruined. Then Neo and Trinity get on the elevator and set the bomb. When the bomb hits the floor it goes off and you see the explosion in slow motion. If you look to the left and right, the columns are all of a sudden back to how they originally were! They're not shot up! Oops!
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Special Requirements: VCR, the movie "The Matrix",
Contributed By: Vortex on 10-29-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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ISkinner writes:
OK, I had to check this out once and for all. I noticed that the columns did not look right during the explosion the first time I watched the movie. The first justification that came to mind was that maybe this wasn't the same floor as the entrance. You will notice that when Neo pulls that stop button, the elevator is on the 41st floor. Maybe the elevator did not fall all the way to the first floor, or fell past it to some sub-floor. But then why would this floor look exactly like the lobby, which would be a very odd design. So this last weekend, I got out my DVD and played this scene through one frame at a time. And Yes, it is the lobby, and YES there is debris on the floor, just not the right amount of damage to the columns. While going through the scene frame by frame, the first column on the left has what looks like a fist sized shot gun hole in the facade and the second column on the left has a pile of debris at the base. As we continue to pan back, we see that the forth column or so on the right also has a pile of debris at the base, just before the scene ends. Obviously the team that created the explosion knew from the script that the columns would be shot up. What they didn't realize was that the columns would only have marble facades that would be complete blasted off most of them in a grand, zealous application of the pryotechnicians art, leaving plane concrete like interiors and this is what is missing from the final explosion scene. In light of this, I downgrade my opinion of this slip up from grand to medium.
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Justin writes:
Why are you guys looking at the columns? Don't you notice the explosion happening and it looks too cool to worry about FREAKIN' columns, man!
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DV8 writes:
I'd like to inform you that it is impossible for this to be a slip-up. If you have the DVD or special edition cassette, watch the "Making of The Matrix" thing at the end. It tells you everything about the lobby scene. If you watch that, you will learn that the "marble pillars"(They were actually made of foam) actually were wrecked up. There were mini explosives in the pillars which exploded when the guns were fired.] The picture that they animated the explosion off of was taken after they filmed the scene. Which is obvious. The pillars were already shot up. It's not wrong. You are.
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Vortex writes:
Nope, I'm afraid I'm right, if you watch right before they get on the elevator and the camera is facing the front door, you will notice that all of the columns are busted, but when the explosion happens, they aren't.
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uKER writes:
Quit that! The columns before the explosion are EXACTLY as they were right after Neo and Trinity get on the elevator.
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bzerK writes:
You might wanna view these two scenes EXTREMELY carefully in slow-motion. After the lobby shoot-out when the yare entering the elevator and just as the elevator blows up. You can clearly see the pillars closest to the elevator are hardly damaged, espcially the furthest(with respect to the viewer) two on the right. the rest are as damaged as tehy were.
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Skrewie writes:
First of all, in regards to the blast comment, the explosion wouldn't travel downwards for a few reasons. The Explosion happens _extremely_ quickly, reletive to the falling of the elevator(or lift, where ever you happen to be from) unless it's a shaped charge, and from what I remember, it was just a cylinder type object, the explosion will go where ever it can get the easiest. So it goes through the doors & into the room. And in regards to the last question, many buildings (especially high-security government buildings like the one in this scene) don't have readily accessable elevators from the main lobby, first of all, anyone who's working for the main function of the building (i.e. office people upstairs) aren't going to need to go to the basement, the only people who need to go down to the lower levels (unless there's offices or something underground) are maintenence people, they'll use the service elevators. And secondly, it reduces the security risk, it's much more secure if the only way to get down to the inner-workings of the building, is through some unknown, hidden, elevator that won't work at _all_ without a key, rather than just not going to a certain floor without a key. So it is certainly understandable that the lobby is the bottom floor in that elevator shaft.
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Vortex writes:
If you don't believe me, go see what the "Over-efficient clean-up" is all about
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Scruffy writes:
right ok this is what i think happens right now as i am to understand from the matrix revolutions at the end that whenever something happens that would make the humans trapped inside the matrix suspicoius the matrix restarts itself fixing everything so they are none the wiser that is why the pillars are fixed in my opinion.
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flacco writes:
come on guys, think logically, a crashing lift won't land conveniently in the lobby, it will continue falling until it hits ground, which could be several levels below the shot up lobby.
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Spunkmeyer writes:
Hmm, have all of you seen the 'making of' documentaries at the end? They had to film the explosion and invert it to make it run along the floor so inevitably some problems will arise over getting bodies and debris to stick to the ceiling which then became the floor. Haven't any of you heard about heat rising so therefore hot gas rises to the top and you have missing bodies!
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wizkid writes:
You are wrong! If you have the DVD(I don't know if it works on VHS), switch to right before they get on the elevator, and you will notice the 2 columns closest to the door on the right are pretty much whole. The column closest to the door on the left is also whole. There is a pile of debris on the left and a shot-up column that you can also see. Now, go to the part when the explosion happens. You will notice that the correct columns are shot-up and the debris is in place.
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VooDoo oicu812 writes:
Actually, Neo and Trinity are on the bottom floor when they shoot everything up. If you have a quick eye and a good brain you can see that the explosion does not happen on the bottom floor.
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SlaserX writes:
I believe that the pillars fixing themselves is a slipup, simply because: if a bomb was going downward, it'z blast would be going down, throuh the floor, but instead, the bomb blast is level. It is a simple fact of what us "Living" Humans call gravity.
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Barry Tabrah writes:
If everyone's going to get picky, I might as well join in. The pillars in the lobby are, I would say, fairly plain. The floor where the explosion occurs is spotless, gleaming even! I'll tell ya, the janitors got paid well to polish THAT room! Reflections everywhere... From the top view, we also see that there is no rubble, no dead blokes, and no empty shells, as well as from the front. We scan back by at least 4 pillars, and still no damage! I feel that the producers of The Matrix intended us to believe that this was the lobby, but didn't bother to tell the CGI guys who did the explosion. Phew ... nuff said.
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Solja writes:
fuzzy, the bombs' purpose is to blow up the whole bottom floor so police swat teams etc. can't get in...
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dj_heffalump writes:
 in response to Cradle, I don't think the bomb explodes in the basement, because the basement wouldn't be that fancy, or that well-lit. But in response to everyone else, COME ON!!! This is the agents' Headquarters in the Matrix, where they are holding Morpheus, who's like the ultimate criminal!!! This is their base of operations! They want it to look normal, so they just manipulate the Matrix to fix up the lobby after Neo and Trinity leave! They want their Place looking nice! Even after the bomb destroys it all again, they probably fix it up in a second!!! (although there's no way to know for sure; we never see the lobby again.)They just want a nice-looking building!
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smith writes:
The pillars are not meant to be shot up. They are completely different pillars. When Neo is kicking the last hostile in the background you will notice a long hallway. The hallway is on the right as you pass through the security check. If you watch the blast in slow-mo you can see the door bounce off down this hallway.
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Bezelbub writes:
Okay, look... There is absolutely no evidence that this is the lobby that the Lobby Shooting Spree took place in. There's no bodies, debris, shells, nothing! For all we know, this is the 30th floor. The elevator stops at what? the 43rd floor or something? Maybe the brakes finally worked, stopped the elevator and there's just another floor that looks like the lobby!
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dj_mcfresh writes:
They would have used a miniature replica of the lobby to make the explosion. Its not like they rebuilt the set then blew it up.
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Fuzzy|Logic writes:
What is the bombs purpose??
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cradle17 writes:
Right. For starters Neo and Trinity blow the crap out of the men and the whole lobby area. The place is wasted. They then go to the lift, set the bomb, and climb out on top of it. Notice - Neo blows the cables... they go UP, and the lift goes DOWN. If the lift is going down, it's hardly going to end up at the same floor is it? So it hits in the basement, and blows the basement up. And since Neo and Trinity didn't waste the basement, it appears nice and untouched. Which it is. Makes sense doesn't it?
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