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Digimon - Memory Loss?
This is the episode where the group defeat Myotismon, if you don't remember the episode names. Watch the episode, and look at the part where they are about to battle Myotismon. Joe and TK give Kari her Crest of Light, and Matt, Sora and Mimi all shout in surprise,"Kari's the eighth child?!" Hold on. If you remember the previous few episodes, Matt and Sora know that Gatomon is Kari's Digimon and that Kari is the eighth child. They shouldn't have been so surprised.
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Special Requirements: A TV, the episode "Wizard-Mon's Gift"
Contributed By: @ssKicker on 11-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Shadow writes:
Sora and Izzy where the last to know that Kari is the 8 child but Tai Was the first and Matt the next.
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Angewomon101 writes:
Actually, Tai was the first, followed by Matt, then Sora, Mimi, Izzy, than Joe and T.K.I noticed that also. Also, does any one know why I can't access the discussion board? It says that there is no one registered by that handle.
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BlackMewTwoWarGreymon writes:
When Gabumon said "It's time for Azulongmon." It was in one of the World Tours (3) I think. Anyway, when he said that he was referring to the power Azulongmon gave him. If you remember, he wasn't able to go to ultimate until Azulongmon and Gennai helped all the digimon. Also he didn't warp digivolve to Metalgarurumon he went to Garurumon, then WereGarurumon. And maybe this slip up was one of the many Saban/Bandai mistakes.
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@ssKicker writes:
And I think almost everyone except Tai was surprised. Everyone else had been told, and it's not something you tend to forget.
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superboy650 writes:
Well this is a slip-up all its own but the web master isn't accepting new ones and this slip-ups title fits. In one episode (I'm not sure which one but I think it is in the second season), Gabumon is standing next to Matt as the others battle an evil digimon. Just then, Gabumon turns to Matt and says "It's time for Azulongmon." or something to that effect. The slip-ups are: Number 1. Gabumon warped-digivolved into MetalGarurumon. and Number 2. Azulongmon is a Guardian Digimon not (at least, that I know of) a digivolution of Gabumon.
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