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Dragonball Z - Did They or Not
In the first Garlic junior episode I think, it shows a flash back of Goku and Picollo fighting together, only one problem, they told everyone that they had never fought together before the fought against Raditz.
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Contributed By: Deon on 11-14-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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SteelStar writes:
That wasn't the Piccolo we all know. I think that was his father or something (the new Piccolo comes from the egg the other guy so gruesomely coughed up). All this was from the original Dragonball, and I think Piccolo's cohorts/brothers all had goofy names like Piano, Drums, and Tambourine (but that's too much information).
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Joshan writes:
At the beginning of the raditz saga they say they never fought on the same side. But, the fought against each other often.
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Deon writes:
Umm.....Drum and the others were all demons spat out by piccolo. And in regards to the second comment Yes I agree but they fought together against Garlic Jnr. when did this happen. It couldn't have happened before Raditz and not after because that was one big story. Up until the next Garlic Jnr bit. I think the problem arose because Garlic Jnr was written for TV and didn't appear in the Manga Volumes, which are the original storyline.
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Roby_NZ writes:
Weird... they all have names of musical instruments. I don't think the writers are very creative.
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Sean writes:
In the Garlic Jr. Saga/Cartoon Network special Dead zone Garlic/Garlic Jr.'s henchmen are called The Spice Boys and their names are Pepper,Salt,Ginger,and another one I don't remember. When they transform their names are Gingerbread,Pepperoni,and others. Piccolo's henchmen are Drums,Piano,and Tambourine(according to Steelstar.Freiza's father is King Cold. Doesn't anyone get it? Dragonball Z needs new writers!!!!!
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Namekian writes:
Piccolo was Goku's archenemy in the dragon ball series. Maybe Goku and Piccolo didn't fight together. Maybe they were fighting each other.
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Cowandchick writes:
How can you say DBZ needs new writers? There's only one! Akira Toriama!
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manics1 writes:
The answer lies in the first DBZ movie, Dead Zone (Jap title Return my Gohan). In that movie, Garlic Jr kidnaps Gohan and attempts to kill Kami. Goku and Picollo team up to stop him. The movie takes place shortly before the start of DBZ and isn't part of the continuity. All of the DBZ movies were made for the shows fans and never took place in the actual story line. The Garlic Jr saga was filler. It's a continuation of DBZ Movie 1 and the events in it don't really happen. The official DBZ sagas are : Saiyan saga, Frieza saga, Trunks saga, Androids saga, Cell saga and Buu saga
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V_Magius writes:
1) The names are supposed to be jokes related to each other. Namekians are slugs, Saiyans are vegetables. Akira Toriyama did it on purpose. The translating script writers have little to do with it. 2) The movies have little basis in the series. They have too many inconsistencies. I think they were just meant as stand alones having to do with a certain period in the story line.
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dbzfanatic writes:
The first comment was ridiculously stupid! If you are a true DBZ fan, then you'd know that the movies Dead-zone, Tree of Might, and The World's Strongest, are all just side-flicks that have nothing to do with the sagas. King Piccolo was from Dragon Ball. Gokuh never got too much older in Dragon Ball, and Gohan wasn't alive. This means that there is no way on Earth or anywhere else that that could have been King Piccolo.
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Selecta_D writes:
In the first Dragonball Z movie "Dead Zone" Goku and Piccolo did team up against Garlic but not for the same reason that they did against Raditz. Piccolo fought against Garlic because Garlic had his henchmen try to kill him. But against Raditz they teamed up to stop Raditz from taking over the Earth to sell it.
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eternaldragon77 writes:
Ok, let me clear this up for all of you. The names traslate like this. Piccolo was born from Piccolo Denkae(it means Demon Flute from an old legend) Saijin means Vegtable, Nappa is cappage and so on... Goku means Sky Tieen(the guy with 3 eyes) is a type of Tea so the names are ment to be like that.
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Te-om writes:
I just wanted add about the movies and episodes. The 291 episodes that were released for Dragonball Z were not all at once. There were many seasons. The movies were often used to keep interest during the transition between sagas. The movies were never intended to add to the episodes. They only act as separate entities. Sometimes they add to the story lines on tangents(i.e. the Cooler movies), but they do not interfere with the story lines of the episodes. The best way to understand the storylines is to watch the episodes. The movies are just that: movies. They start and have a definite ending. They are not meant to be continued. Any continuation has sufficient information so that people not need see other movies to understand(i.e. the Brolly movies). Don't try to mix episodes and movies.
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SuperSaiyanSaotome writes:
The Dead Zone movie stands alone by its self like V_Magius said. Most of the DBZ movies don't fit in any part of the series.
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Marai no Cell writes:
OK.What Piccolo says is completely true that they never did fight on the same side before the Saiya-Jin saga.The movies take place in there own little world that has nothing to do with the actual series.So we can rule out the Dead Zone movie thing.Also Steelstar,those names weren't actually goofy.The names Drum,Tambourine,and Piano actually made sense,since they were born from Piccolo,and Piccolo is the Japanese word for "flute".
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Strawbaby writes:
Let me clear this thing about piccolo and his dad up. Piccolo (the original piccolo) was the evil side of Kami whom he had to rid himself of to become guardian of Earth. When they killed the original Piccolo he spat out an egg- the piccolo we know. Weird thing is- wouldn't that make Goku way older than Piccolo? It never seems that way...
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HowitZer writes:
That's why that one namek nomad is called Lord Slug in the English version.
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gundam deathscythe writes:
Just to comment on steel stars thing. piccolo is a small flute, hence his henchmen being called after several instruments. and his name was piccolo diamao (i don't know about the spelling).
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dark gohan writes:
one thing ive noticed is that the dbz movies dont match up to the episodes and so they are unreliable BUT in the garlic jr saga one of garlic jr's henchmen says to gohan "so your the little kid that trapped garlic jr in the deadzone" but gohan only traps him in there in the deadzone movie. so they are linked :s
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t-bird writes:
most of the movies can fit continuity by taking into acccount an alternate timeline,which does exist in the series.two,3,4 happen one after another with picollo alive meaning no urgency to go to namek.also for trunks history shows goku killed frieza,but when trunks time traveled....
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