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Pulp Fiction - Ezekiel 25:17
The two times Jules quotes Ezekiel 25:17, he quotes it slightly differently. Jules must have been reading one weird Bible, because the verse he quotes isn't like any version in print.
I would like to add that Quentin Tarantino stated in an interview that he knew it wasn't 100% correct, but they way he had written it enhanced the dramatic effect.
(Then where's the "slip-up", genius? It was done intentionally.)
Visual Proof! See the examples below and post your pictures too.
"You people read the bible?"
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Contributed By: Cadder on 10-28-1999 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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The Paranoiac Critical writes:
Actually the quote was taken from an old Karate show where the main hero guy would give a talk about righteousness and the tyranny of evil men before killing the bad guy. Tarantino is a big fan of old karate movies and stuff and if you know anything about Pulp Fiction or its creator, you'll know that the whole thing is chock full of little hidden bits like this. All the way down to the magazine Vincent reads in the toilet.
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tdk19 writes:
Tarantino is more so paying homage to kung-fu movie legend Sonny Chiba than the Bible. Chiba used to give poetic speeches in the style of Ezekiel 25:17 to his victims before doing them in. Chiba is also mentioned in the beginning of "True Romance" (written by Tarantino) as well, and the main characters of the film (Christian Slater and Rosanna Arquette) attend a Sonny Chiba film festival where you can see him giving a speech (in Japanese) before a fight scene.
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Methodical writes:
You're right in one respect. The actual verse of Ezekial 25:17 is nothing but "And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon me" or something to that degree. But if you look in the credits (not sure exactly where) it shows that Quinten Tarantino wrote that version of Ezekial 25:17.
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howpig writes:
Rev. John, don't you think use of a correct passage from the bible in justification of the murder of Jules' victims would be more insulting to the faith of Christianity? As it is, Tarantino makes it plain that the true passage does not necessarily condone Jules' actions by such alteration. Besides I think SpeedyReedy's interpretation of Taratino's use of artistic licence is more compelling than the idea implicit in your response that Tarantino was merely trying to alter the passage to make it more appropriate to his scene. In fact the alteration gives us an insight into the character of Jules.
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Elle writes:
Yes, this has little to do with The Bible, and a lot to do with Sonny Chiba. Tarantino is huge fan of his work, and we all know how much Tarantino likes to pay homage to his favorites, so that is what he's doing here. One of Chiba's lesser movies, The Bodyguard (english name), starts off with an almost identical quote. Chiba also quotes ezekiel 25:17 in some form before killing off an opponent. It's ballin'.
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marmaladeskies writes:
on the sound track he is given credit as the writer of that segment
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SpeedyReedy writes:
Perhaps the variation on the verse runs parallel (in terms of Jules' character) with his lifestyle to show that he is not the perfect Christian. By altering the verse to appear more sinister Tarantino is reflecting Jules' personality and also partially explaining his willingness to believe in miracles later in the film, as he already has a slightly Christian personality in that he is quoting from the Bible despite his lifestyle.
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npttn writes:
The same bible verse is quoted in "The Birds", but it is quoted correctly. I assume that is where QT got the verse from.
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NoDozeForBeavers writes:
The actual quote from the King James Bible is: 17 And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them. So yes, it's not entirely accurate however the main jist of it is there.
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Gypsyohar writes:
The text as quoted by Jules in the first of the film seems relatively accurate after the first section where he begins "And I will execute great vengence upon them with furious rebukes (Jules says "anger"); and they shall know that I am the Lord and I will lay my vengence upon them." (I need to check out the last part. However, I am wondering if the first part of this speech is from another text in the Bible "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides..etc..." Has anyone found anything in a concordence? I'm pouring through my Strong's concordance, but so far no luck.
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demon_913 writes:
I think the version Quinton Tarentino used was more based on the passage from King James's Bible, printed sometime in the 1600's, but I'm not too quite sure. As for the difference in the second time Jules says it, it must have been done on purpose, just like the Honey Bunny quote, because it's not that hard for Quinton Tarentino to go back into the script and get the quote word for word, it must have been done because of the theory that each story is told from a different person's perspective.
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DBCooperlives! writes:
First, there are variations on English translated Biblical passages depending on where and when that Bible was published. Keep in mind that the Bible wasn't originally written in English! Therefore, there are some variations in translations. Secondly, Tarantino, as a screenwriter, is allowed some artistic license to make embellishments to make it fit in the movie, dramatization, satire, whatever. Afterall, it's just a movie. Finally, Hollywood screenwriters and producers are notorious for changing facts even if the movie is supposedly based on true-life events. They have done it for "war movies" to appease the U.S. Military who loan out personnel and equipment to produtions. They also change factual events in biographical movies. A blatant example is the movie, "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", which was a biographical account of martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee, and based on a biography written by Lee's widow, Linda Lee Cadwell. In the movie, screenwriters had Bruce Lee sustain a crippling back injury during a vicious fight with a rival martial arts teacher. In real life, as written in the book, Lee actually hurt his back lifting weights!
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Ironjaw writes:
I can't help but to laugh while reading this thread. All this energy spent on an alledged misquote borrowed from the Bible, the most famous book of non-fiction ever, and this mis-quote appears in a movie called "Pulp Fiction." (what... I'm the only one who thinks that's funny?)
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wadealoon writes:
This is the full real quote: 25:17 And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I [am] the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them. But it realy doesn't matter cause what ever he sais is some f***en deep and awsome sh*t!!! (gives props to Quinten).... .....done!
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damnyouhatkid writes:
It's all from the Bible, just embelished thoroughly. It's not all Ezekiel, either. It's as much from Psalms as Ezekiel. Valley of darkness, etc. I'm pretty sure it's based in the KJB, King James Bible.
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Jack writes:
maybe he just decided to add to it there for making it sound a little better?
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Justin writes:
There are MANY different versions of the Bible. Who knows what version Quentin Tarantino has? He does. He could have added something in to make it more dramatic. Does anyone realize he won the Oscar for Best Screenplay?
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Rev. John writes:
If Quintin Tarantino is going to use a Bible quote in his movies i.e. "Pulp Fiction", then he should use it correctly!!!
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The Divine Intervenor writes:
ok - Tarantino made up the whole thing. The only reason he had Jules say it was from the bible was because it made it sound like it meant something.
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