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Digimon - Izzy's Modem
Later in this episode, Izzy is making a Digital Barrier, following instructions from Gennai. He links his lap-top up to his parents' PC, and the PC shows a chart, showing how long it will take for the Digital Barrier to be in place. Tentomon says that it should work a lot faster, and Izzy then says,"Yeah, I've been telling my Dad to get me a faster modem!"
BUT...Izzy is not using his modem! He is using a cable to connect the two computers!(the cable is called a NULL cable, I think.) And he can't have connected to the Internet in the process, because you see everything that happens. Izzy accesses Gennai's program through the cable, and not once does he open any other application.
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Special Requirements: The episode where Ikkakumon first Digivolves to Zudomon
Contributed By: @ssKicker on 11-13-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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Subzero writes:
I think it's Izzy's room and his desktop PC, so technically, it would have been HIS modem. I think he first received the e-mail on his laptop and then moved to the desktop. (Also, I like the little pineAPPLE on the case of his notebook – it must be an i-Mac copy ;) )
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@ssKicker writes:
I suppose he had to receive the e-mail in the first place, but that wasn't what he was talking about. He commented on the modem when he was building the Digital Barrier through the cable.
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Torin Darkflight writes:
(Other thoughts I had) Sometimes the connection Izzy was using is called a Null Cable connection, and other times it's also called a Null Modem cable connection (That's the setting I use to play Doom II with my brother when we hook our laptops together). The thing is, even such null connections are limited by speed. The null connection I use to hook my laptop to my desktop system is only slightly faster than that of a standard 56k dialup. There are certain types of cables which will allow faster data transfer, so maybe that was what he was referring too. Also, since he uses MacOS (Or a variant thereof), he might have been using the regular generic AppleTalk network, which, unless I need to learn more, uses the modem port. So maybe he was referring to that.
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Torin Darkflight writes:
Hey, he could be using a modem. He might be using a program or something that connects two computers through standard dialup modems. Heck, in the movie he has Windows on an iBook. Shows how much of a computer tech he is (Although I must confess I don't see the logic behind degrading the performance of the best notebook system in the world with the worst OS in the world).
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@ssKicker writes:
I meant that he's not using a modem at all. I meant, "he's not using his MODEM," instead of, "he's not using HIS modem".
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shadowspawn writes:
I always thought that a cable that hooked up two or more computers was called a LAN cable.
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