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Back To The Future - Number Sequence
Near the end when Marty's returning to 1985 and decides to buy himself a bit more time to warn Doc, the date/time entered is 1985...01:24. The actual number sequence he types in is 75808.
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Special Requirements: The movie is enough (ok ok... a tv, vcr & eyeballs)
Contributed By: Homer on 11-05-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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rockin writes:
Homer you are correct. But I would like to add that Marty indicated 10 minutes. If you look closely the original time on the clock was 1:35 and he typed in 1:24 which would make it 11 minutes.
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Jenchan writes:
What? Kelly, those were completly unrelated..with Einstein, Doc set up the time machine to go forward 1 minute in time, it isn't like a side-effect or something...
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Staring Eyes writes:
Actually Mr. T, there is no complicated code for keying in your destination time. I remember watching Doc key in the numbers in the beginning when showing Marty how to use it, and the numbers he pushed matched the date and time shown.
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central writes:
Maybe Marty's dyslexic and needed to retry it many times to get it right.
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Mr. T writes:
I would like to add that it is very possible that there would be a complicated code for entering time in. I would also like to add though that at this point Marty was very very new to the whole time machine thing. This was only the second time he had been in it, and due to the libyans, he and Doc didnt have much time to talk about how it actually worked. Marty didnt even understand how much power it took to run the flux compaceter. If this is true, i ask, how in the world would Marty know that complicated code to enter 1:24 A.M.?
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Kelly9746 writes:
One of the comments mention that Marty sets the time for 11 minutes and not 10. If you remember, that would be right. Remember when Einstein travels through time and Doc says, "Einstein's clock is exactly one minute behind mine. He skips over that minute to instantly arrive at this moment in time." If Marty skips over one minute, he will arrive at the time that he wanted to, ten minutes earlier.
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