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Independence Day - Invincible Trees and the Most Compatible Laptop in the Universe.
In the scene after the final explosion of the first alien attack, where Jasmine walks out of the tunnel with her son and her dog, there are still palm trees standing outside perfectly upright, even after an explosion swept through the area that threw multi-ton vehicles into the air and leveled buildings.
Must've been some pretty tough palm trees.
Also, how exactly did David (Jeff Goldblum) get his laptop to communicate with an alien ship? You techies will know what I mean when I say talk about cross-platform compatibility... or maybe windows 95 is even more widely-available than I thought.
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Contributed By: EqUaZCion on 11-28-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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EqUaZCion writes:
Its me, the author. Palm trees can survive hurricanes? That's great, but this was no hurricane. It was a freaking explosion that toppled buildings. Sorry, but I don't think even the mighty palm tree could pop back up after such an attack. And as for the computer thing: Jeff had a precious couple of hours to analyze the alien signal. No way did he break down their operating system and figure out how to communicate with it in that small amount of time. All he did was see the pattern of how much it faded in what amount of time, enough to predict when it would cease. And on a side note, you people are thinking about this way too much. Get some lives.
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Nigel Sutherland writes:
The computer ... if Goldblum's character could work how the aliens were subverting our satellites' computer systems so well that he could calculate the very second that their programme would execute, then you have to think that he might just have just worked out the precise nature of their operating platform and how to tweak it against them. The palm trees? Walk about after a hurricane (or watch a film of one). Palm trees are extremely flexible - they can lie almost flat in the most ferocious wind, and they'll bounce back afterwards. They don't have much in the way of sap, either, so they are virtually fireproof.
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bunny g writes:
I'm not much of a techie, but I do know one thing, the aliens were controling OUR satelites. Which means they have to make their stuff compatible with OURS (dump theirs down). And Jeff Goldblume's character seemed to do this hacking thing a lot, so I don't think it's too far-fetched to assume he could crack the earthly satellite codes or control things.
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Garry writes:
Remember...In the film they'd have a little alien Space-ship thing for nearly 50 years. It's quite possibly that they had worked out how to get our modern computers to communicate with theres. Highly improbable in real life, I know, but THIS IS A MOVIE.
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Scolman writes:
The aliens where hacking in to our own satellites, that means they would have had to make their computer system compatible with the satellite language.
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Jane writes:
Palm trees can survive hurricanes, yes, but you can also easily pull one out of the ground using a small ammount of force. Also, I live in Florida, and after a good brush fire, you see charred palm trees all over the place. They should have been gone, trust me.
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GR8ONERJG writes:
to the original about giving too much actually thought of a rebuttal and posted it...just an FYI, just because there was a massive fireball does not mean everything was destroyed-there were still people alive too...look at the truck she found that still had the keys above the visor...not even a burn mark on it.
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Ashley writes:
Those trees were very green-looking and they had gone through wind AND a huge fire with lots of force behind it.
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Madd Jon writes:
Yes he is using a Mac, but have you ever seen Mac OS looking like that, the chances are he was probably running his own (ripped Linux), and any rate to get a bit tekky, anyone could control a satellite by sending the right binary stream, so surely all the work that area 51 had been doing they must of found out what bit streams did what (just like if you ran an emulator on your Mac to make it work as a PC)hence even windows 9x could handle it (even MS DOS) all that would be required would be some kind of alien MODEM and there you have it
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Phreak writes:
These aliens are capable of interstellar travel, but I am pretty sure Jeff Goldblum dialed 1-900-mothership to connect to the Alien ship mainframe. Horrible movie, by the way.
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