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Blue's Clues - Moving Pictures
In the episode where Blue is painting a picture, Blue and Steve visit an art museum. Steve finds some pictures on the wall which tell a story, but they are out of order and he needs your help to put them in order. Watch as Steve first approached the pictures: They are already in order! It isn't until the camera changes to a closer view that they are suddenly out of order.
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Contributed By: Anonymous on 11-14-2000 and Reviewed By: Webmaster
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LLij-aise writes:
Are you sure that they didn't intentionally put them in the right order to start off to make it easier for young children watching at home? I know that sometimes kids shows will do subtle little tricks like that to make it easier for a child so that they don't feel like a complete loser if they get the wrong answer. After all, success is the biggest motivator!
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Bubba writes:
Steve Burns is not dead. In the storyline, Steve went off to college and his "brother" Joe played by Donovan Patton (no relation to Steve Burns whatsoever) took over for Blue's Clues. Steve Burns made a brief return to the Blue's Clues show for the 100th episode show that was aired last Monday night (June 9, 2002).
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mee-moo of lms writes:
Little kids don't actually care. They scream out the answers after Steve puts it in the right order.
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Aphi247 writes:
Steve didn't die. He doesn't even do drugs. He appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show shortly after the rumors started just to stop them. Don't believe everything you hear.
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elephantgirl300 writes:
This isn't a surprise. In the one where Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper sing the "Healthy Snacks" song. "Healthy snacks, healthy snacks we love eat (yum)healthy snacks carrots, (the fist answer!) bananas, (the second answer) and celery too.(the third answer!) See, in almost all the games they give a little hint. Ever heard the kids in the background? Thanks!
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xgxlx writes:
Steve didn't die of an overdose. He's alive and kickin'. Check out if you don't believe me.
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BL1NKBA8E2 writes:
I'm pretty sure that they (the producers) did that on purpose so the kids 'have a clue' which order the pictures are supposed to be in. But thats just an inference. And, No, that's not true, Steve's not dead. Its just a rumor, but I recently read an interview where Steve (Burns) said he was quitting the show because he was tired of being known as 'Steve' from Blues Clues, and he wanted a more adult image. I guess people didn't want to hire a guy who's the host of a preschool show. Hey anybody heard anything about him becoming a porn star? =Þ
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blinkidink writes:
No, he didn't die of an overdose. He did quit Blue's Clues, though, because he doesn't "want to do children's programs for the rest of his life." I heard that his brother is filling the spot. I don't expect the old Steve to make anything but children's programs. He doesn't have the look to do major movies and such.
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Candie writes:
No Steve is still alive, I saw him on tv at a movie premier. And no his twin isn't doing the show now!
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Linds writes:
I don't blame him for leaving the show...I'd do the same thing.
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